What element is your sign?

imagesCACM64WUWe all know there are twelve signs in the zodiac….but what element is your sign?

Let’s take the 12 signs and divide them into four groups.  These four groups are the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water.  Each of these elements governs three astrological signs and these three signs are basically harmonious with one another and share similar characteristics.  The categories are as follows:

Fire Signs ~Aries~Leo~Sagittarius    Fire signs are considered the spark of life.  They are motivated to act, seek excitement and do things to make them feel alive.  They usually have an innate faith that nothing can go wrong or if it does they feel protected and are confident in dealing with life’s challenges.  They meet life head on and are direct.  Vocations usually found with fire signs are entrepreneurs, careers where they are the boss and in charge, nursing and teaching to name a few.

Earth Signs~Taurus~Virgo~Capricorn   Earth signs are governed by the material world.  They are nurturing and love the sense of security, also protective, stable and constant.  They are practical, efficient and full of common sense and know how to use their available resources to achieve practical ends.  They are excellent in managing money or spending money.  Vocations that tend to be held by the earth sign are builders, homemakers, real estate, accountants and medical field.

Air Signs~Gemini~Libra~Aquarius   Air signs are the thinkers, and free spirited.  They are communicators, highly intelligent and able to process large amounts of information.  Very social and love stimulating company where they can exercise their minds and exchange ideas.  Love for culture, as well of appreciate of structure and the system. Vocations for the air signs are communication, technology, sales, marketing, media, and travel.

Water Signs~Cancer~Scorpio~Pisces   Are the emotions and feelings of the zodiac.  They are very intuitive, protective, nurturing, empathetic, and compassionate.  Extremely sensitive which can make wear their emotions on their sleeve or hide them from the world.  Very creative and love home and family.  Vocations commonly held by water signs are artist, cooks, interior decorators, therapist, counselors, child or adult day care where they can nurture others.

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