Feng Shui Swimming Pools & Water Elements

Summer time here and while we’re all enjoying the heat, plenty of us are looking for a way to cool down! One summer time favorite is the swimming pool. Here are some benefits of having a water feature as well as some Feng Shui tips to have them work in your favor!

The most auspicious area to have a swimming pool or water feature is located in the back-left area of the home this is known as the wealth sector. When you step outside to your backyard it is located in the left corner of the property facing out. Water is this area is beneficial to our wealth and finances.

It is important that the pool is proportionate to your home. While it is tempting to build the pool of your dreams, you should still not have an overly large pool as it will overwhelm the property and its occupant’s Chi. A kidney shaped pool is also considered very beneficial as it resembles the figure eight and eight is the most auspicious number in Feng Shui. Also, try opening the windows or doors to the home as it helps to invite the wealth into your space.

Vitally important the pool should never, at anytime look stagnant. Adding a water fall feature to the pool will continually move the energy and benefit you financially. If you are unable to add a moving water feature to your existing pool, you can aid the energy by adding a hallow, metal, five- rod windchime nearby.

Keeping the pool clean of debris and maintained properly is essential also. If the pool turns green, has debris, or is never used, it can cause the adverse effect of financial loss. The clearer your water feature the better both your finances and clarity of mind will me. Bad dirty water is worse than having no water at all.

If you are unable to have a pool in your backyard due to limited space you may also consider purchasing a water feature such as a fountain which can be easily found at most garden centers. A potent fountain is one that the water performs work such as a turning water wheel for example. Adding a light to the design is another energetic touch. You can also build a waterfall with river rocks with a pooled area on the bottom.

Another way to add the water element is to make a small koi fish pond in the wealth sector. Koi fish signify abundance because in Feng Shui lore, the word “fish” stands for “abundance”. It is equally important that you keep the fish happy and healthy as sickly fish are worse than having no fish at all.

Water is a soothing and relaxing element whether you are swimming in a pool, sitting by the ocean, listening to a waterfall, or mesmerized by swimming koi. I hope you enjoy the days of summer and the benefits of Feng Shui in your life.

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