Grace The Psychic Lady

GRACEWEBPICGrace is an El Paso native who has been a practicing psychic for over twenty-five years. She has helped many individuals gain a better sense of direction and insight into their own lives, showing them how to tap into their own powers to create a life with more joy, happiness, and abundance.  Known for her honesty and down-to-earth approach, she is regularly able to provide insight into areas such as romance, relationships, career direction, finances, personal growth, and spirituality.

She gains personal fulfillment from sharing her insight with others through her current endeavors. As a featured writer for  El Paso’s “The City Magazine” and “The City-Spaces Magazine”, she contributes monthly articles on various metaphysical topics.

Constantly working to advance her knowledge of metaphysics, Grace has earned both a Bachelor’s and  Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS in Arcata CA.  She is also a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Consultant, earning her certification from the Feng Shui Institute of El Paso.


                                  ALL SESSIONS ARE BY PHONE OR EMAIL ONLY. 

                                                   Monday-Friday 9am-3pm (MST)

                                              Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

                                                     All sessions are by appointment.

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