How do I prepare for a reading?

If this is your first time scheduling a psychic reading I suggest writing down your questions as sometimes you may  get nervous and forget to ask a specific question. This way we can look into all areas of concern for you.  Also, before your scheduled time I find if you take a few moments to meditate or pray, and ask your guides, or guardian angels to come through this benefits your session.

How does it work by phone?

I am tuning into your energy at the time of the phone call so the energy works just the same as if it were in person.  It is also beneficial  if you are open minded to  the  information during your session as this helps the energy flow.

What can I ask in a reading?

Anything!  The most common questions asked usually are about relationships, career, finances, moving, and spiritual growth.  I have been reading for over 30 yrs professionally and have heard it all there is nothing to be apprehensive in asking about,  and you will find I am not judgmental.

What do I need to provide in a session?

If you are asking about someone else in your appointment having their birth month, and day is helpful for me to tune into them (year is not necessary) With technology today many like to forward me pics as well.

How can a psychic reading help me?

It can give you insight and direction to understanding circumstances and situations surrounding you.  As well as giving you a different perspective to a ongoing situation.  I believe knowledge is power and the more you understand life the easier it becomes.

What do you do or utilize during a session? 

Mainly I use my own intuition, but also utilize astrology, numerology, and Feng Shui to name a few others.

Will you tell me scary things?

NO! Absolutely not.  Now if you need to be cautious of a speedy ticket I may warn you then lol

Grace The Psychic Lady