Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors are the Swiss Army Knife of Feng Shui and a very helpful tool in bringing good Chi into the home. There are many uses for placing mirrors in the home, they are helpful in adding light and brightness, repelling negative energy, they help to magnify and strengthen one’s image, and can redirect energy flow.

Mirrors are best in one of four shapes: square, rectangular, octagonal, or circular. Square and rectangular mirrors represent balance, circular mirrors represent wholeness, and octagonal mirrors denote power.

Before purchasing a mirror be sure to really check it out for imperfections; You want to avoid buying a mirror with ripples or flaws in the glass. Mirrors help with our self-image and clarity of mind and distorted mirrors can have a subtle negative effect on our psyche. If you have a chipped or cracked mirror it is best to replace it quickly. Ideally a mirror comes with a frame, but having a beveled edge is fine. Avoid mirrors that are smoked, darkened, or frosted as this pulls down the energy.

Placement of mirrors is very important. For instance, having a large mirror at the front door entrance may cause projects, career progress or businesses to slow down. The mirror causes the Chi to enter the home and instantly returns it back out of the residence. This is especially bad if it reflects the road outside. If you have placed a mirror directly in line with the front door it is preferable to move it perpendicularly to the main door in order to correct this energy.

The bedroom is another important area to consider where not to place a mirror- even though many of us have them on a dresser or use a full length mirror when dressing. Having a mirror in the master bedroom invites a third person into your relationship especially if you can see your image when laying down in bed. It may cause distance between couples as well. In Feng Shui if you are not able to sleep well it is believed that the mirror can bounce around the energy in the bedroom resulting in restlessness. Also note that a television or computer screen acts similar to a mirror and may also cause your energy to be drained- these items are best kept out of the bedroom all together.

Living rooms and dining rooms are the most auspicious area of the home to place mirrors. Hanging a large mirror in the dining room doubles the food placed on the dining table. This is excellent in Feng Shui as it denotes the family will expand its wealth and abundance as food symbolizes prosperity. It is also believed that when we gather for family dinners, celebrations, and holidays that the mirror captures the memories and happiness Chi and is helpful in ensuring the family stays together.

Always make sure that mirrors are clean and free from dust, streaks and smudges, and that they reflect objects of beauty to amplify the energy of your home.

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