Feng Shui for Wintertime

Chi is the fundamental principal of Feng Shui. Though difficult to define, it is best described as cosmic energy, life force, and breath. Chi flows through the heavens, the atmosphere, the cosmos, the earth, your home and your physical body. The flow of Chi in your environment affects every part of your life: your health, your outlook, and decision making. The flow of Chi is influenced by the elements of your physical environment. Colors, shapes, lighting, objects and their positions and placement-even clutter and displaced items can be detrimental to the flow of Chi.

Your physical environment must have a flow of positive energy to regenerate and move your life forward. Your residence is the most influential structure and every object it contains affects the energy field and interacts with your personal energy known as Chi.
Chi is especially important during the cold months of the year. During winter, the months and days are shorter making for more darkness and time for inner reflection affecting some people with seasonal depression. It is vital to keep the Chi energy of the home active during this dark season. As we metaphorically hibernate during this time, doing things such as turning on the lights in the home are beneficial to vital life Chi. Another simple fix: open the curtains to let some light in and open up the energy in your space. Playing uplifting music and perhaps practicing daily meditation are beneficial for our inner Chi.

Another thing to consider during winter is stagnant air in our homes with our windows often being closed. Remedy this by adding live plants as they add freshness to your space as they are natural air-purifiers. Along with this, examine areas where there’s unused space, or where the energy isn’t moving- i.e. empty corners, end tables cluttered with papers and magazines, etc.- and place a plant there. Plants that are preferable are ones that have an upward movement. In Feng Shui everything is symbolic, so a plant that grows upward instead of out will help boost the room’s Chi, or energy. Easy-to-care-for plants include snake plants, peace lilies, and aloe vera. Avoid plants that are spikey and stiff, and be sure to remove dead plants, dead flowers, and potpourri.

You can also refresh the air in your closed-up home with aromatherapy using uplifting and energizing scents. Citrus scents, such as grapefruit and lemon, in particular, are great to use. Light a candle for added decoration, or diffuse essential oils in citrus scents.
Finally, we all know the freezing weather drives us indoors, leaving us with little desire to do anything more than curl up with a warm blanket. If you have a fireplace- great! Burn it often during the winter months as a good way to lift the chi while you warm up. This helps to move the temperature in our bodies upward and in turn this moves the inner flow of life force Chi in our bodies.

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