Home Sweet Home

Sit down and think for a moment ….what would be your dream home? Maybe it will have the grand staircase in the foyer, or the spa master bath, and of course the custom walk- in closet.  I am sure each of us has the vision of our ideal home, but what if you build this perfect home only to find out that you are not happy?  Financially, the home could be a money pit, or a relationship ends and you end up living alone there.  I am not saying this will happen, however there are a few things to consider when thinking about designing, buying or moving into a home.

It is not only about your taste in color, tile, flooring etc… but also the energy of the home and making sure you have the right elements to experience harmony. Making a better home can be easily achieved using the principals of Feng Shui which use the foundations of wind and water to experience tranquility.

Ideally in Feng Shui your home should be a square or box shape. If you are living in a home that is “L” shaped it could be missing the love or wealth sector. Or if the home is a “U” shape this could affect your fame or career sector depending on where it is based on the homes floor plan.   Don’t panic or worry if you have already moved into your home and it is shaped this way, there are ways to remedy or cure it.  There are many Feng Shui consultants that can address your concerns specifically or you can look online as well.

The entrance to your home is vital as well because it affects the flow of energy into your residence.  If it is a smaller entrance with a blocked pathway and narrow entry way this could slow down opportunities in your life.  On the other hand, if the entrance is large and clear and bright then it allows things to enter your life more freely.

Here are a few examples of good Feng Shui for the front door of your new home.  Roll out a brand new welcome mat to bring good energy into your home.  Also, accent the front porch with symbols such as Fu dogs, lions or dragons which act as guardians that carry the message “Enter here only if you come in Peace.”  Other inviting symbols include chimes, fountains, banners, flowers and seating.  Red is also the traditional color of welcome and it can be introduced by painting the front door an appealing shade of this hue, or placing red flowers or other red items near the entrance.

Welcome Home!

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