Mercury RetroMercury is the smallest and closet planet to the sun.  It governs communication and travel and is also known as the Winged Messenger.  Due to its close proximity, Mercury orbits the sun once every three months.  Once Mercury makes a complete revolution around the Sun it begins retrograde motion for 21 days- this happens three times a year.  When Mercury is travelling around the sun things are running normal and smoothly. When Mercury is in retrograde motion it has the opposite influence becoming the planet of miscommunication, accidents, and mayhem.

Picture this: you are driving along in traffic and take a glance at the car next to you. It’s going forward at your same speed but upon a closer look, the wheels are actually spinning in reverse. Weird right? That’s Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde is the textbook definition of Murphy’s Law. Because of this, it’s best to postpone any significant decisions during this time. Avoid large purchases on electronics or vehicles as they are more likely to be faulty when in retrograde. Triple check bank accounts and finances for any potentially costly errors. Do not switch jobs during this time as it may be only temporary or not what it seemed due to miscommunication. Postpone major surgeries especially on the shoulder or legs as these body parts are ruled by Mercury.

It is a time to also revise, review and revisit past events.  People we have not seen in ages can now pop back up in our lives.  It is also especially important that we need to think before we speak, watch our words, and pay attention to what we thought we heard-otherwise fighting and arguments can break out without warning. Being that Mercury also governs travel watch out for traffic accidents and delays.  Slow down and get out of the fast lane and take your time to avoid accidents. If you are traveling by plane, be sure to take a magazine or good book in case of delays at the airport.  If traveling by car take your time enjoy the scenery and some good music for the drive.

Mercury’s influence does affect everyone but the two astrological signs most impacted are Gemini and Virgo as they are ruled by this planet.   For these two signs I refer to this as the kryptonite effect on them. Gemini and Virgo: you are in a period of delay during this time. Take extra caution to not get sick or injure yourself. Not to be misunderstood, Mercury Retrograde is not entirely a horrible thing. It is a subtle reminder for us all to slow down and be more deliberate with our decisions. With an optimistic mentality, you may be able to use retrograde to your advantage.

Mark your calendars to avoid the madness of this tiny planet that packs a punch!  Here are the dates for 2024 be sure to mark your calendar.

April 1st to April 25th 2024

August 4th to August 28th 2024

November 25th to  December 15th 2024

December 13th to January 1st 2024

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  1. Dee Casso says:

    Thank you for explaining that! 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Grace, I came to your website to see if there was mercury retrograde. Sure enough, no wonder. Thanks.

  3. liz says:

    I never miss you on the radio Thursdays. You are the real thing. You also have a great radio voice.

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