Sprucing up front door with Feng Shui

The first impression to our homes is the front doorway, which sets the tone for the energy in our homes and also our life’s experiences. A positive front entry creates uplifted spirits and positive expectations. The ideal entrance is welcoming and inviting you inside, greeting you with uplifting sights, sounds, or smells. It makes you and your guests feel comfortable and at home.

The front door to our homes is consider the mouth of the dragon and many of us fail to utilize this space often or inappropriately by using either a garage, or back door as an entrance. In order to activate the Chi energy of the front door one must maintain it’s use regularly by entering and exiting from the main entrance.

Overgrowth of trees or shrubs leading to the front entryway of the residence can block opportunities presenting them to you, this can be especially critical in our careers. You want the pathway for opportunity to have a clear path in finding you.

Spring is around the corner and sprucing up the front door is a great time to rejuvenate the energy of the entrance. If the door is worn and haggard freshen it with some new paint, the most popular color to apply is red as it symbolizes the Chi. Think of it like going for a job interview, you would not wear old torn jeans and expect to land an executive position. you want to make a good first impression. Also, if the doorknob is loose be sure to tighten it as this helps us to get a “grip” on your finances.

Purchase a new door mat to welcome new opportunities into your life. Remember to clean the outside light fixtures to make sure they burn brightly at night for several hours. I personally keep my porch light on all night as a way to lift the energy of my home and also protect it from harm.

Placing plants is another way to bring good energy into the home. I suggest purchasing two clay pots, one for each side of the front door. Either in a deep blue or black color and filling them with red geraniums. Geraniums leaves are round like Chinese coins and red activates the chi which is good for financial growth. You can also place jade plants as well for wealth but avoid plants that have sharp points as this will afflict your money and health of the occupants of the home. A water feature such as a fountain placed to the left side of the front door is another enhancer for prosperity to the home.

If the energy seems stagnant to your home you may utilize things such as garden banner that are cheerful and inviting to lift the chi for the occupants. Hanging crystals, prisms, or windchimes with five metal hallow rods help to move the energy.

One final thing to consider for the entrance of your home is also door greeters or protectors. A few examples are Fu Dogs, lions, or angels. Not only do they great your visitors they also protect the residence.

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