Searching For Your Soulmate

Deep down inside of each and everyone one of us we all desire to be loved.  We think of how it would be finding that perfect somebody to share our life with forever.  We look for that special someone we call a “soul mate” but what does soul mate really mean?  Is it possible for someone to be perfect?  To answer this simply No, no one is perfect, so why expect that of love?

We are all humans here to learn lessons about love. If we keep attracting the same type of relationships over and over then that is a karmic relationship, there is something to learn from being with this person.  I have found that we usually tend to connect with the soul mate after we have encountered some failed relationships.  Part of this may be in order to help us recognize and appreciate the soul mate as well.

As young girls we are given the notion that one man named Prince Charming is out there for us, and if we find him we will be so lucky and live happily ever after.  Well I hate to break the fairy tales but that is one fictional character and someone name Cinderella already nabbed him so why are we looking?  Soul mates are human, they come with baggage sometimes and we can always learn from imperfections.  But I think we have to be realistic in what we are expecting in romance.  We expect them to be so tall, specific hair color, eyes, weight, nationality etc…

I have observed that more people find or connect with their soul mate without trying.  It’s not so much “OK your soul mate will be at particular restaurant on the 3rd Friday of next month” but more about you being ready inside of yourself to experience this relationship.   Some traits of knowing you have found your perfect partner or soul mate are you complete each other, you are very much alike, and there is an intense connection emotionally, physically and spiritually.

They bring out the best in you, love you, and accept you unconditionally.  Usually you know this connection from the first few moments of meeting them.  It feels right, you know them, very comfortable and you trust them.  One thing I often find in my practice people ask “Is this person my soul mate?” my response is …”If you had to ask if they are your soul mate then your answer is No…because when it is your soul mate….you just know it inside with no doubt whatsoever.”  Soul mates are not made, they are born for one another.

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