Travel and Leisure by Astrology Sign

Summer is here and we all would like to get away for that perfect vacation. Here are some ideas based on your sun sign or your perfect destination.

Aries~Love the heat so sitting by the pool at a resort in Arizona or Death Valley just might be the perfect time for them because they love it hot!!!

Taurus~Enjoys expensive and luxurious vacations for a bargain price. They have fine taste perhaps a culinary or foodie destination would delight them.

Gemini~Needs two vacations…one filed with lots of sightseeing and the other filed with non-stop fun and adventure SeaWorld San Antonio for the child in all of us.

Cancer~Loves a staycation due to they are the homebodies. Perhaps setting up an in home spa treatment and renting some movies and deliver the food is ideal.

Leo~Likes adventure and excitement and being treated like royalty so Vegas Baby! It’s a great spot for them since they are the sign that loves to gamble.

Virgo~Is very particular about where they travel and stay with specific needs. A health or spa resort in California will please them.

Libra~Loves to travel anywhere as long as there is good shopping nearby, they are very spontaneous and ready to go anytime. The Big D and Houston are for them.

Scorpio~Enjoys the water and more secluded places. The lake or ocean with either boating, fishing, surfing or just relaxing puts them at ease being by water.

Sagittarius~Appreciates having to travel, they enjoy being on the go and finding the unusual and unique spots the out of the ordinary hard to find locations.

Capricorn~Is the only sign that would appreciate a working vacation. It also needs to be a place of meaning like the Historic Missions of San Antonio.

Aquarius~Would like to go the most unusual and out of ordinary places like the Arctic Circle or the Sahara …not a normal tourist destination.

Pisces~If Fantasy Island were a real destination they would go there. They prefer a dreamy total escape destination with lots of pampering and solitude by water.

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