Feng Shui Ceilings

Our ceilings provide us with protection and safety. It is the roof over our heads and the ceiling plays an important part in attracting good or bad energy for the house and yet is often the most ignored part of the home. For most people, the ideal ceiling height is between eight and ten feet for most comfort. Your ceilings should be proportionate to the home not too high and not too low.

Lower ceilings under seven feet can feel compressed, and subconsciously lower our expectations in life making us feel unworthy and small. While higher ceilings fifteen feet or higher can make us feel uncomfortable and restless. Slanted, uneven, or multileveled ceilings can cause challenges and affect our health with things such as mood swings, anxiety, confusion, and mental instability. When you spend time under a sloped ceiling, your energy is heavily constricted and is under constant pressure leaving you feeling drained.

Nighttime is the time when your body does the deep work of regenerating itself, sleeping under a sloped ceiling restricts this energy, and your health may suffer. Sleeping in a bed under a sloped ceiling can also contribute to emotional instability, low energy, and headaches. If the slope is closer to your feet one can feel slowed down, over the mid-torso area can affect your digestion or cause weight issues, and over the head slopes creates insomnia.

If you sleep in a bedroom with a sloped ceiling, relocate your bed particularly the headboard under the highest part of the sloped ceiling. In most rooms, this is the part where there is a triangle configuration in the ceiling, and the energy feels elevated. If you are unable to move the headboard from under the lowest part of the sloped ceiling, paint the ceiling a very light color always keep the color light and neutral. White and off white are the most suitable colors for ceilings.

Ceiling fans or heavy pieces such as chandeliers should not adorn the ceiling right above the bed. Keep it simple or else it will weigh down on the people sleeping in the bed and in time can cause health issues. The blades of a ceiling fan are usually sharp or pointed this is considered a poison arrow and can rob you of vital Chi. You can easily cure this by purchasing a multifaceted crystal for the pull chain of the ceiling fan these are easily found in many home improvement stores. Or purchase a new ceiling fan with rounded blades. Also, refrain from having mirror fixtures on the ceiling as it can cause bad dreams.

If you work in an office that has low or slanted ceilings this can stifle work productivity or career advancement, and may also affect your health with shoulder pain, backaches, or headaches. A few suggestions to help uplift this energy is place a tall plant beside your desk, or up lighting from the floor to energize the space if you are unable to move your workspace.

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