Clients Say

“Her phenonmenal abilities in the intuitive arts provides a unique gift and a true blessing for those seeking some direction, guidance and insight into thier lives.” Robert W. El Paso, Tx

Grace is an amazing person to know and a blessing.  Grace is able to provide you with insight into your past and future, but you leave with solid helpful advice which she provides during her readings. I have always left Grace’s readings with a feeling of calmness and clarity.  Grace answered all questions honestly and completely. I highly recommend Grace without hesitation to anyone in need of a reading. I will continue to visit Grace for readings in the future. She is the best of the best!   Sincerely,   Liz Reeder

I have been in sales for years and recently took a new position selling RV’s.  I was concerned with the economy being so bad and being new to this industry that I would not be able to make alot of sales.  I consulted with Grace and she guided me with Feng Shui tips for my office to enhance my wealth   I immediately went and did what she suggested and within 24 hours I sold a unit valued at $140,000.00 and have hit tops sales ever since.  Her guidance has been amazing.  Tammy J. El Paso, Tx

“Most people go to the masseuse to relax thier body, some to a gym to get into shape, I go to Grace for a relaxation of the soul” C.M. El Paso, Tx

Grace !!  Once again, your suggestions and advice have reaped amazing results.  I told you that we were putting our house on the market very soon. In the past, selling a house was never an issue. However, the thought of attempting to sell this house, in the current depressed real estate environment, did create more than a little angst.  Oh, to add insult to injury, the fact that we live in Florida, where home values have declined up to 40% over the past few years, really created fear! Did I mention that we chose not to list our home with a Realtor? Now the good, no ,GREAT part.  You suggested a Feng Shui cure for me to do to help sell the home.    Anyway, we put the sign out on July 4th.  On Saturday, July 9th, we received three calls from Realtors wanting to show the house. Then the first individual who wanted to see the house phoned and we set a time for them to drop by.  Long story short, when this very nice couple arrived, they were immediately interested and ultimately that evening they committed to making   a deposit and placed the house under contract. We met with our respective attorneys and closing is tentatively scheduled for August 25th. This proved to be an amazing and successful tool. Again Grace, thank you for your constant and continued guidance.  Deb B  in Florida

Dear Grace,     I want to thank you for helping me evaluate the Feng Shui in my residence back in July 2011. The remedies you suggested really made an improvement both in my the personal and professional life. I followed every recommendation and I can tell you that my business improved 30% since, I won a significant amount in the lottery and most importantly I found someone very special in my life. I am so thankful God put you in my path. Thank you again and God bless you.  Sincerely, Francisco El Paso, Tx