The word telepathy derives from the Greek terms tele (distant) and pathe (feeling). In many cultures it is accepted as a natural ability which everyone possesses but many believe only psychics are able to do this. Research on telepathy began in the late eighteenth century when practitioners discovered some of their subjects were able to read their minds and carry out unspoken commands. This phenomenon was later observed by psychologists and psychiatrists such as Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung.

Studies have shown that most telepathy occurs spontaneously and in times of crisis- for instance when one person becomes aware of another person in danger at a distance. Telepathic messages can come in the form of a thought, dream, or mental image that pop through your mind.

Telepathy is closely tied to our emotions and thoughts and is therefore experienced more frequently by women, although men are capable of telepathy as well. We are all naturally telepathic, without being aware of it. This gift is even stronger when you are emotionally connected to a person- for instance your partner, children, or friends. It is adversely affected by the use of drugs but positively affected by caffeine. As we age this ability gets stronger especially when the physical senses are impaired.

How often have you thought of someone then they call out of the blue? This is a common practice of telepathy. One way to enhance and develop your own telepathy is to think of someone and ask them to call you. Try to not force the message but quietly think “call me” and let it go. Obsessing about it can actually block you. Then wait and see how soon they make contact with you. This make take several attempts in doing so in order for it to happen spontaneously. Practice will make this ability improve over time where it will become natural and happen without much effort.

Some physical symptoms you may experience as you develop your telepathic powers are: your dreams becoming more vivid, recurring headaches, and nausea. Telepathy will increase your empathy for others, your priorities, and perhaps even change your circle of friends. As your telepathy enhances, so will your intuition.

When I was a young girl my father was stationed overseas in Germany and my mother woke up with a profound telepathic vision of him holding a yellow rose in his hand and placing it inside of his suitcase. Unbeknown to her he was travelling home to surprise her. When he arrived home, she was helping him unpack and when he opened his suitcase inside was the yellow rose. She told him of her vision and they calculated the time change and it was the exact moment he was packing and coming to surprise her.

Never second guess yourself when a sudden thought or feeling from someone pops into your mind as this is their way of being connected to you naturally through telepathy.

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  1. Rita Morales says:

    I find that thoughts about someone come to my mind. I take that as that person is thinking about me. I let the thoughts continue the message by accepting the first one and letting the flow of its continuance to become a more in-depth message if it need be. I reply by asking that person to call me if they need to talk or just be heard. I am always trying to keep the message going across for one of my daughters to call me. It will happen someday. I have not heard from her in over three years.

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