Venus Retrograde

VenusRetro200Venus is the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.  Second to the Moon, Venus is the brightest star in the night sky.   Venus goes retrograde approximately every year and a half.  Like Mercury, Venus and all other planets at given points in time do go into retrograde.  Venus is retrograde for approximately for six weeks.

When any planet is retrograde (stationary) it is a period of the five “R’s” revise, review, revisit, reflect, and redo.  It is common to want to hurry or rush things however, I personally find it is best to be slow down and redo things.

Being that Venus rules our relationships, I often advise people to NOT do any of the following: start a new romance, move in, get engaged or even get married-these things are discouraged.  If you want things to run smoothly in the romance department you want to do them during optimal timing, and not during an unstable period. During this timeframe we may be reminiscing about a past love, or even have contact from a love long ago.  I also caution people about misinterpreting someone’s romantic intentions.  You could be having a huge attraction to someone and only to find out they think of you just as a friend.

If you desire to end a relationship during this period, such as a divorce or separation this is a time that is more heightened.  We are more easily able to see relationships for what they truly are making it easier to let it go.  However, let it be a reminder that no relationships are perfect; we are all human after all.

Further recommendations are NOT to do any drastic beauty treatments as Venus governs beauty. You may think your new hairstyle as a blonde is amazing. Only to look back at it when Venus moves forward again and feel the hairstyle is all wrong and blondes do not have more fun.

I also recommend not purchasing any luxury items during this time frame.  You may absolutely love that new dream car only to find you paid more than you should have.  On the other hand, if you are a fan of antique shopping and flea markets this is an ideal time to do so-you could stumble across an amazing bargain and pay less for it.

During Venus retrograde we all may have feelings of being unloved, unappreciated or that nobody cares about us because of the retrograde influence.  This is an ideal time to evaluate our relationships, whether they are romantic, friends, or family. It is a good time to have heart to heart talks about our true feelings.

The two astrological signs ruled by Venus are Taurus and Libra, which means both of these signs, may feel its retrograde influence stronger than the other signs.  Keep in mind if you are either of those signs it is an important time for you to revise the relationships you need to in your life.

Venus will be retrograde this year on July 22nd to September 3rd 2023.

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