Understanding Auras

auraAn aura is defined as an energy field that is surrounding a living being.  It is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and is composed of various degrees of infrared to ultraviolet light.  Through scientific advancement there is now aura photography-also known as Kirlian photography.

Aura photos were first done by scientist Nicola Tesla in the late 1800’s.  Kirlian photography was invented in 1939 and later became popular in the 1970’s.  The process of Kirlian photography is done by sitting in front of a black background and placing your hands on top of two metal plates which detect your unique electromagnetic field.  While awaiting the metal plates to pick up the colors of your aura, some people find sitting quietly or meditating can enhance the outcome of the photo.  Here are some of the colors and their meanings are listed below:

Orange indicates heightened creativity, birthing of new projects and business opportunities.

Green means being in touch with yourself and others emotionally as well as growth and prosperity.

Royal Blue shows excellent communication as well as peace and calmness.

Pink is manifesting love, unconditional, romantic, pure, a soul mate or the Divine.

Purple is communication with spirit guides, growth of wisdom within, magic and mystery.

Red indicates passion, vitality, sexuality, and high energy.  Dark red may indicate anger or stress.

Yellow shows joy and contentment. Using insight in business relationships and higher education.

Aqua Blue uses emotional energy to create what you want in your world.  Channeling energy.

White your soul is making progress and spiritual growth.  Innocence, purity and clarity.

Gold is the Midas Touch-golden opportunities. Turning something ordinary to something special.

Peach is balanced, healthy lifestyle-personally, professionally or both. Contentment.

White dots or spots above the aura in the photo can also indicate that guardian angels, or spirit guides are with you or watching over you.

Aura photos can change as well do to factors such as stress or health issues to name a few.  To get an aura photo taken you can either look for events at psychic fairs or crystal stores that may carry the equipment.

Some people are able to see auras with the naked eye. You can practice by having someone sit still on a blank backdrop like a white wall for example.   Focus your eyes on the outline of their body and then slowly move your eyes slightly above them. Many find moving your eyes from the shoulder or the head is easiest way to see the aura.  If you are part of the majority who cannot see auras with the naked eye, explore and research Kirlian photography.  Aura photos are a fun, unique, and insightful way to view your spiritual self.

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