What’s your Rising Sign

risingEveryone knows their Sun sign. Also known as your Zodiac sign, many of us enjoy reading horoscopes to learn more about ourselves and prepare for what may come. A less common but often just as insightful aspect is your Ascendant or Rising sign. Your rising sign can provide deeper insight into who you are and what your life’s purpose may be. Unlike your sun sign which is based off your birth month, your rising sign is determined by your time of birth.  The sun sign is how you appear to the outside world. Your rising sign consists of your inner workings and thoughts. If you’ve ever read your horoscope and thought: “Wow, that’s not right?”, you may find that checking the horoscope for your rising sign can provide accuracy for you.

Aries rising is defined by self-awareness and courage to fight for what they believe. Can be impatient, and needs to slow down and notice their surroundings.

Taurus rising can be stubborn (I refer to them as determined), at times unwilling to give up or give in. Has a calm side as well and is nearly unstoppable.

Gemini rising exudes eternal youth and sometimes, restlessness. Always on-the-go and looking for the next adventure. ‘What’s next?’ mentality.

Cancer rising is the shy introvert of the Zodiac. Keeps to themselves and enjoys being with family and loved ones. Extremely compassionate and caring.

Leo rising gives an inner courage and bravery. This is sometimes plagued by insecurities and lack self-worth. No one else’s approval is needed but your own. Love yourself!

Virgo rising is very probing, intelligent and refined. Your work is very important to you. At times you may be either too messy or overly organized.

Libra rising appears to be concerned with being diplomatic and fair to everyone- this can often lead to indecisiveness. They are very charming and social.

Scorpio rising is intense and mysterious. Others may find you secretive and difficult to get to know. Powerful though misunderstood for being ‘too harsh’. Straightforward and sees in black and white.

Sagittarius rising can put others in a good mood and are optimistic. Enjoys new goals or challenges. Very active always moving ahead with optimism about the future.

Capricorn rising may seem reserved and serious. Very goal oriented and responsible. Climbing the ladder success and showing others how to take care of business. All work and no play.

Aquarius rising appear eccentric and different. People are drawn to their free-thinking and magnetic personality. Always planning and looking to the future.

Pisces rising is “feeling” rather than “thinking” and is very sentimental. Be cautious of others taking advantage of your sensitivity. Can be overly generous.

In closing, remember to look at both your sun and rising signs. To find your rising sign, you can easily do so online by inputting your birthday and birth time. Looking at both signs will give you the maximum amount of insight into all aspects of your life and the world as you know it.

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