Which Car Suits your Zodiac Sign

bentleyWe all take pride in our major purchases and investments such as our homes and vehicles. In order to get more bank for your buck put your astrological sign into helping buy the car of your dreams. Here are some automobile options based on what drives your zodiac personality.

Aries likes a car that gets them noticed. Seeks action and excitement behind the wheel. Porches are most fitting for this personality type or perhaps a Hummer H3 for some off roading adventures. The color red helps them to standout on the road.

Taurus is practical seeking a vehicle that is secure, safe and most of all reliable. The Ford Fusion would be a safe ride for the Bull due to its comfortable interior and strong reliability. Classic black is a good choice.

Gemini’s like to be on the road in a fast moving car that can handle their quick thinking. A little red corvette suits them well or any two seat vehicle for the Twin. Silver Ferrari would be a dream car!

Cancer needs a reliable car for the family. It is all about their loved ones and safety. Good picks are spacious SUV’s or a Minivan’s. Colors that appeal to the crab are a wide range of blues like the ocean or white like a pearl.

Leos like the flashiest and most expensive car on the lot. If a Lamborghini or Ferrari is out of your price range perhaps look at something more practical like a Cadillac or Lincoln. Gold is the ideal color for the Lion.

Virgos are particular about what they drive. Something economical with great gas mileage, yet also looks classy, and is also spacious. A Hyundai or Hybrid are affordable options. Metallic grey or silver are perfect color choices.

Libra’s need a car that is attractive both inside and out. The Chrysler 300 or Lincoln Town Car both has stylish interiors and exteriors. Shades of blue and purple appeal to the Libran.

Scorpions are emotional and intense on the inside and like style and space. You might want to test drive a deep blue Elantra or Nissan and make sure you have extra dark tint on your windows. Black leather interior is ideal

Sagittarians are very free-spirited and love the feel of the open road and have no room for baggage. The sporty convertible is the answer. The Saturn Sky with the top down while driving would be Sag’s dream.

Capricorns are hardworking people who enjoy the finer things in life and are conscious of their appearance. Making a statement in a jet black or onyx Mercedes Benz will get them noticed.

Aquarians are unique and have a style all their own. A smart car or Nano are ideal as they are both fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. Bright noticeable colors like yellow fit their personality.

Pisces is a dreamer and tends to get lost easily. A well-equipped car with GPS is a must. Ford Focus or a Volvo is ideal in helping them to stay safe. A blue car helps to remind the Fish of the ocean where they are from.

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