The Sixth Sense

enhanceintuitionHave you ever met someone for the very first time and you sense right away whether you like them or not, but you don’t know why? This is a natural instinctive way that your intuition is communicating with you, giving you guidance and insight to someone, a warning of sorts.

We all know what the five senses are; taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound.  Well there is one more, it is the sixth sense. It is a heightened sense of all the other senses combined and it is called intuition.  Everyone is born with this ability to “sense” certain things.  As children our intuition is strongest perhaps this is due to being in tune with life’s natural rhythms and not being distracted by things such as work, bills, problems, and stress which often interfere.  As we age we get caught up in life where we don’t listen to our intuition and therefore it becomes dormant.

I describe it often as a gut feeling like a knot in the stomach. It is something you feel.  When you think about something to much this is your logic which does not have to do with what we are feeling there is a distinction between the two. For example, has the phone ever rang right when you were thinking about a certain person and it was them calling? Well this is a way your intuition, it notified you they were going to contact you. You sensed it.

It is like practicing to play the piano, if you do it often and regularly eventually you learn how to play the piano. With our intuition it is quite the same, if you learn to pay attention and listen to what you sense then it happens more frequently and more accurately.  Some people often say they are afraid of what they may sense and I think this sense is not meant to scare us but to actually warn us as to prepare us for whatever upcoming event in our lives.

If you would like to sharpen your sixth sense here are some simple suggestions in helping you to tune in.

● Be patient, otherwise you may miss something.  We often are in such a hurry we forget to slow down and sometimes miss that turn we were meant to take. You can’t rush this.

● Learn to listen to your intuition.  It can come in the form of a song on the radio or in a dream.

● Find your sign indicator.  Everyone senses it differently but commonly one may get chills.

● Meditate even if a few minutes at a time it will help you to tune in better.

● Take an intuitive walk literally it helps to clear the mind and connect better.

● Avoid negative thinking it clutters the intuition with doubt and we are unable to sense it.

● Most importantly trust yourself and what you sense, it will guide you to a happier existence.

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