The Astro Child


Everyone can agree that each and every child is talented, special, and unique in their own way, but did you ever think that maybe the stars had some influence on their traits and personality too? Below are some of the characteristics of how astrology influences each child’s abilities.

Aries (March 21~April 19) Aries children are daring, just like the Ram, they take charge, have very strong wills, and won’t take ‘No’ for answer.  When mad, they often throw tantrums.

Taurus (April 20~May 20) The Bull child is a calm, serene and loving child.  Who needs to feel secure in his surroundings with a strong love of nature and loves peacefulness and silence.

Gemini (May 21~June 20) The sign of the Twins is definitely two for the price of one.  Very active, physical, curious, intelligent, exploring, athletic, talkative and always on the go.

Cancer (June 21~July 22) The Crab child is very nurturing and connected strongly to family and home.  Sensitive, emotional, intuitive. Least likely to let you know what’s really bothering them.

Leo (July 23~August 22) Lion children are outgoing, actors, singers, dramatic, like the spotlight on them true entertainers.  Creative, strong, proud, leaders, strong and self-confident.

Virgo (August 23~September 22) Virgo children are wise beyond their years.  Hermit- like tendencies, withdrawn but observant.  Very intelligent, organized and love helping others.

Libra (September 23~October 22) Libra children are very charming and people are naturally drawn to them.  The enjoy art, music, and playing dress up.  Extremely intellectual.

Scorpio (October 23~November 21) The Scorpion child can be mysterious, can be quiet, and  the warrior, strong willed, determined.  Strong feelings and dislike change.  Never give in!

Sagittarius (November-22~December 21) The Archer child is full of enthusiasm, high spirits, playful, with unique laughs and fun. Their honesty and directness can be a breath of fresh air.

Capricorn (December 22~January 19) The Goat child is considered an old soul, wise beyond their years.   Builders, love stability, and structure.  Down to earth, patient, and practical.

Aquarius (January 20~February 18) The Water Bearer has a wonderful imagination and sees the world through their own eyes.  Loves to invent and play make believe, hates to be bored.

Pisces (February 19~March20) The Fish child is the most intuitive, sensitive and emotional of all. Sensitive to their surroundings, creative, will give anything to others, and most helpful.

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