The Planets

planetsThe planets represent the drive of our basic personality, the motivating force behind us. There are eight planets along with the Sun and Moon that are considered the building blocks of astrology.

The Sun (Rules Leo) is the center of solar system and is the source of life to all things living on Earth. It is that light spark inside each of us. It is personal identity, ego, will, and how we are perceived in life. In a natal chart this is where we start-with the Sun sign, it defines you outwardly to the world.

The Moon (Rules Cancer) has several phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning. In ancient times these cycles symbolized life, death and rebirth. It affects the tides just as it does our emotions, our feelings, and sensitivity. It is feminine representing, self-nourishment and how we feel and react to things.

Mercury (Rules Gemini and Virgo) is the smallest planet and closest to the Sun.  The conscious mind and how we perceive things and express them verbally or through writing. The power of language both in speech and thought. Known as the thinker, the communicator, and the rational mind. It governs intellect, and analyzation.

Venus (Rules Taurus and Libra) The second planet from the Sun and is also known for its star being clearly visible at both dawn and dusk. Venus was the Goddess of love, art and beauty. It influences our relationships, partnerships and self-love.  Giving, taking, sharing, and social urges.

Mars (Rules Aries and Scorpio) Is the God of War and known as the red planet.  It takes action, is assertive, and in control.  There is a passion and sexuality with Mars along with initiative and drive.  This is where there is motivation, aspiration and energy to express ourselves and desires.

Jupiter (Rules Sagittarius and Pisces) The largest planet and the King of the Gods. Is the giver of good fortune, luck, abundance, prosperity, and generosity.  Philosophizing and searching for meaning, growth and expansion. How one seeks to grow and have trust.

Saturn (Rules Capricorn and Aquarius) The second largest planet in the solar system is known as the great teacher-the voice of our conscience.  This is where we learn most of the hard lessons.  Wisdom through time, struggles and hardships.  Boundaries and limits. The basic laws of life and Karma.

Uranus (Rules Aquarius) The God of the Sky. Known as the great awakener, revelations, clairvoyance, the higher mind, and illumination.  Can bring rapid change, freedom and explosiveness.

Neptune (Rules Pisces) The God of the Sea.  How one seeks to connect with the collective feeling.  Universal love, imagining, and dreaming.  Spiritual urge for unity and global compassion.  Mystery, mystic, deception and illusion.

Pluto (Rules Scorpio) Ruler of the Underworld governing death and rebirth. It is the dark recess of our minds, the hidden and unknown.  Elimination, regeneration and how one seeks to transform and grow.

Knowing how our ruling planets affect us as well as those around us provides us with an astrological advantage.  In trying to find common ground with others, knowing their ruling planet can help us to change our approach in delivering the message.  In short, our day to day lives are ruled by communication with others, ourselves, and the world around us.  We can thank your lucky stars that the universe gives us a life hack and the planets show their “tells”.

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