Born on the Cusp

cuspHave you ever ready your Zodiac sign’s traits and thought to yourself: ‘Wow, that’s not accurate at all!’? If you have, then there could be a very unique reason for that. People born around the third week of each month are often considered “cusp” signs. Simply put, this means you are born in between a period of a few days in which the Sun is leaving one zodiac sign and entering into another. For example, this can mean that while your October 22nd birthday says you’re a Libra, you’ve also got a lot of Scorpio going on too! The closer your birthday is to the monthly cusp dates, the more likely you are to have a split between the traits of two different zodiac signs. Below are the cusp dates and some definining characterists.

Aries/Taurus (April 18-April 23) Both signs are natural leaders with strong will power. This is a great recipe for success due to strong determination and a keen eye for details. These are also opinionated though dependable people.

Taurus/Gemini (May 18-May 23) This combination can make for brilliant minds. Very high energy making it hard to relax and are also extremely social. Love for stimulating conversations and have plenty of friends and are successful in life.

Gemini/Cancer (June 18-June 23) This cusp you will often find they are affectionate, devoted and highly sensitive. Love to be on the go because they are curious. Cancer sign also makes them enjoy time at home just as often. Need to be loved or they may become easily depressed.

Cancer/Leo (July 19-July 25) They can be very shy one moment or turn into a drama queen the next. Being they are very sensitive and affectionate it is vital to give and receive plenty of love and attention. Home and their families mean the world to them and they are always there for them.

Leo/Virgo (August 19-August 25) Talk about hardworking, driven and honest. At times they are introverted due to a keen sense of self and being in tune with spirituality. Knows when to speak their mind or remain silent. Loved fighting for a cause.

Virgo/Libra (September 19-September 24) Has a beautiful way with words, and the ability to pay attention to the smallest of details making them perfectionsit. At times can be indecsive.

Libra/Scorpio (October 20-October 25) This is a very sexy combination along with intellect and determination. They have great judgment, but there are times they cannot make up their minds; but once they do….move over.

Scorpio/Sagittarius (November 19-November 24) Powerful, passionate, and energetic describe this cusp best. They are well-liked and often have open minds and a great sense of humor. Fearless and takes chances!

Sagittarius-Capricorn (December 19-December 24) Usually are very outgoing and happy go lucky but also responsible and reliable. Forward thinkers who have big plans and turn them into reality.

Capricorn/Aquarius (January 17-January 22) Financial security and a sense of freedom are highly valued. Enjoy trying new things but are also traditional. Loves to entertain close friends and no subject is to taboo for them.

Aquarius/Pisces (February 15-February 20) Extremely creative, spiritual, loving and friendly. Highly intelligent, compassionate and most intuitive. Often labeled offbeat or eccentric. Spending time with others is a great stress relief for them.

Pisces/Aries (March 17-March 23) Great at coming up with new ideas- innovation and hard work are key valus they hold. Pushes hard to achieve goals. Can be impatient and/or restless at times.

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