The Mysterious Moon

blue-joey-580x368Many of us have heard the superstition that during a full moon several phenomenons take place: Crime is up, people are more emotional, and more babies are born just to name a few. Just like the ocean feels the energy in the high tide, we as people feel this energy too.

Let me explain how the moon works: First the moon travels around earth about every 28 days making a “lunar month”. As the moon is traveling around earth it is also moving through the twelve signs of the Zodiac as well, about every two to two and a half days. Imagine a calendar and you are looking at the current month. Now imagine the wheel of the Zodiac on top of the month and the moon moving slowly through each Zodiac sign. Example: The 1st of the month the moon started in Aquarius, on the 2nd and 3rd the moon was in Pisces, then the 4th and 5th the moon moved into Aries, then into Taurus and so forth through the entire month and Zodiac.

Now understanding how the moon is moving through the Zodiac each month, also take into consideration how this affects our feelings based on a sign. Astrologically, the moon governs and rules our emotions and feelings. Have you ever felt really great one day but the following day felt very sad or down? This can be attributed to the moon moving into a water sign like Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio which will make people more sensitive emotionally during those periods. When the moon is in Pisces, I often find people sadder and depressed for a few days until it goes to Aries, then they become their old selves again. On the contrary, if the moon is in a fire sign such as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius we will tend to be more energetic and outgoing.

Another interesting occurrence with the moon is when it goes “void of course”. This happens when the moon is moving from one sign to the next but is still in-between signs. This delay in movement can be a few minutes, on average a few hours, and rarely a day or so. You can find many resources online or apps like Deluxe Moon that will give you exact void of course moons.

When the moon is void, it is a poor time to initiate anything. It’s not optimal to ask for a date, or for a raise, with the moon void. On the other hand, the moon’s void time is a good time to meditate and pursue spiritual-type activities, power nap, or other “winding down” sorts of things.
What happens when you try to do something with the moon void of course? Generally, things do not turn out as planned. In business, things tend to get “tabled” when they are introduced during the void time. I liken the moon void time to something like Friday afternoon and trying to start a new project, it just won’t happen! Your mind is on winding down mode.

Finally, if you want to start any new projects doing so in a new moon is optimal for planting the seed of what you want to bring to fruition. If you need to release something from your life doing so on a full moon is beneficial for clearing out.

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