A beginners guide to your first psychic reading

tarotdeck2Have you ever wanted to go see a Psychic and have your cards read or your fortune told, but didn’t know where to look for one or what to ask? Anything we try for the first time is usually nerve-racking. Please allow me to take some of the guesswork out of this for you and give you some tips in helping you decide on a reputable Psychics, as well as give some do’s and don’ts for your first visit.

First, do your research: Finding a Psychic is quite easy nowadays. With technology you can google just about anything. Also ask your friends. Surprisingly many people consult Psychics and Mediums regularly and are happy to refer you to whom they go. Listen to your own intuition about finding the right Psychic or reader for you. For example, if you read up on someone’s web site and are feeling positive about seeing them, then this is probably a good match for you. On the other hand, if you get a negative feeling or call to schedule and they are not available after several attempts, then perhaps some higher power is saying this is one to avoid for yourself.

Things I suggest that are helpful during a reading include having a person’s birthday, as this is helpful in tuning into someone else, and being open minded to the information you may receive. It may not make sense right then and there, but after time, it may. If you are skeptical or close- minded during a reading this will hinder the energy and not allow there to be a good reading, so being open minded is important. Ask if you can take notes or even record the session. First time nerves get the best of everyone and being able to go back over notes or the recording helps to catch things you might have otherwise missed. A day or so before your appointment take the time to write down specific questions. Usually, people are so nervous they completely forget something they truly wanted to know. If it makes you more comfortable, bring a friend to tag along.

Some red flags to watch out for in a reading can include: Never allow a Psychic to pass judgment on you, point fingers, or berate you by telling you you’re doing something wrong. Terminate a session if it does not feel right to you or makes you feel uncomfortable. A reputable Psychic will never predict your death, or that you have a terminal disease. Only a physician can determine medical conditions. Beware if you are told that you are cursed and take your business elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are scam artists out there just like good car salesmen and bad car salesmen, but a genuine Psychic will never tell you you’re doomed.

Lastly, your destiny is not set in stone. You do have the ability to change things and yourself. Usually the insight, advice, or direction in a session can be helpful to things going on that perhaps you didn’t see before for yourself because you are too close to the situation. This is what I refer to as ‘free will”.

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