Front Door Feng Shui

fd4The front door is not only the entrance to your home; it is also known to be the “mouth of your dwelling, allowing for positive energy to enter. Just as you nourish your body, you should also nourish your home.

For most homes the front door is usually located in the center, and this area in Feng Shui is the career sector. The pathway to your home should be clear and unblocked, allowing for good energy to flow into the residence and opportunities to come to you. A blocked pathway such as overgrown shrubs does not allow for opportunities to flow easily towards you- making it difficult to find employment for example. If there is something blocking your main entrance this could block opportunities in your life. As you approach the front door it should be uplifting, lively, bright, and cheerful.

Other obstructions that can are visible directly outside your front door include the following: hospitals, churches, funeral homes, cemeteries, police stations, schools, cul-de-sacs, dead end or T intersections, electrical stations, cell towers, telephone poles, and large trees. If you have such energy across your front door, simply place a wind chime near the front door and also keep the porch light on at night.

Ideally, the front door should be made of solid wood and without windows to provide protection to the home and its residents. Windows or glass front doors are easier to break and are considered weak, creating vulnerabilities to the home’s energy field, both physically and metaphorically speaking.
Front doors should open easily and completely. Be sure to keep your entrance area clutter-free and well lit. It is also important to beautify the entry with plants and flowers- I often recommend red geraniums as red uplifts the Chi and the roundness of the leaves resemble Chinese coins which in turn help to attract wealth. Placing a water feature such as a fountain or bird bath further attracts prosperity to the home and its residents. Hanging a windsock, flag, or spinner helps good Chi to enter the home.

If your door is old, broken, warped, or dilapidated, this can instigate conflicts or struggles in life. Replace with a new solid door as quickly as possible or repair it to new condition. Be sure your doorknobs are not loose as this symbolizes not having a grip on your finances.
Many of the homes today have attached garages causing many people to enter the home through the garage door entrance. This is not considered a favorable entrance to the home and is actually considered more of a servant’s entrance into the home. It is important for the bread winner of the home to enter through the front entrance in order to feed the energy of the home.

Finally colors for the front door are also very important if you want to attract a specific energy consider the following when choosing your color options:

Red: The classic Feng Shui door believed to confer power, protection, luck, and a sense of royalty.
Green: Is excellent choice as it symbolizes life, health, and money.
Black: Symbolizes water, which equals money especially good if your front door is in the center.
White: Attracts wealth and creativity.
Yellow or Gold: Represents prosperity and gratefulness.
Brown: Most common color represents earth and cultivation.

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