The Meaning of Colors

color-in-graphic-designHidden meanings are everywhere. They’re in the songs we hear, the movies we watch, and of course, in advertising. We don’t realize the hidden meaning behind many things, and colors play a distinctive role in non-verbal communication.

Have you ever walked into a crisp, white room and felt like you couldn’t touch anything because you might get it dirty? It’s not a coincidence, because the color white represents purity. At the other end of the spectrum, the color red is a bold color that immediately makes you stop and take notice. That’s why it’s subliminally programmed into each and every one of us when we see a stop sign, we STOP! When Coca-Cola was deciding the color choices for their product they used genius behind their marketing and chose the colors red and white for their logo. This helped to catch the consumer’s eye and make Coca-Cola a soda giant.
When designing or decorating a space, color has a big influence on how the room will make us feel as well as the energy it emits. If you want to add some color to your space, here are some color choices, and their meanings, to consider:

White: White is like a blank canvas, it’s very clean, crisp and pure. Considered the color of knowledge, it can be used to enhance reading and is the ideal choice for a student’s room or in a library.
Yellow: Likened to the color of the sun, yellow is considered to be energizing, and just like sunlight it’s helpful for clarity. Used in small amounts in any space, yellow can be helpful for concentrating and productivity.
Blue: Blue is said to be very calming and soothing, like at the lake, beach, or bathtub. It is beneficial for communication and healing.
Black: Black is mainly associated with mourning, and things hidden. It is also considered all colors combined, and can be worn for protection or deflecting negative energies.
Brown: Brown is considered an earth color, and like the earth is helping for having a sense of structure, stability, and grounding.
Green: Green is associated with money, growth, harmony and safety. It’s no wonder green is the color of money. The color is also considered very helpful for healing and can be used in a bedroom for peaceful and restful sleep.
Orange: The color orange is cheerful and energetic and compels movement and activity. This is a perfect color choice for a child’s playroom.
Pink: A color that truly represents our feelings, emotions, and love. It is unconditional love and helps us to feel calm.
Purple: This color is considered intuitive and helps with focusing mentally. It is also considered a royal color symbolizing wealth which would work well in any office area, especially a home office.
Red: If you want to be noticed at a business meeting, wear red and you’ll command the attention of the entire room. The same holds true if you paint an accent wall in a room. Again, red is a stop, standup and take notice color, but it can be a very aggressive color if used in excess. It should be only be used in smaller scales.

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