Love in the Stars

Some of us believe in love at first sight and that it was destined in the stars to be together. While others think it takes time to fall in love and destiny star_lovehas nothing to do with it. Personally, I am a hopeless romantic who believes in love at first sight-and when the stars align it is magical!

The most common question I am asked about in a reading is love. When will I meet them, what are they like, their astrological sign, profession etc. Through the years of my practice, I have devised a formula for helping find a good match, almost like a psychic matchmaker. The most important thing I always ask for is the birthday as it is your unique astrological fingerprint. In the late seventies there was a hit song called “Float On” by the group The Floaters. The spoken verses combine two popular trends of the time video and phone dating, with lines like “Aquarius and my name is Ralph, now I like a woman who loves her freedom” (Aquarians are free-spirited). The song paved the way as an icebreaker or pickup line at nightclubs.

Have you ever met someone and looked it up online to see if you are compatible? Well there is some science to all of this. It is believed that each sign has distinct personalities and traits, likes and dislikes. By checking your sign with the other persons sign you are able to see the strength and weaknesses in a relationship. With dating more popular than ever online this can give you the upper hand when looking at online profiles.

When we look at compatibility in the signs I use the following to help love connect: First we have your sun sign; this is where the sun was when you were born and is based on your birthday . Your sun sign is how you appear to the others. They say opposites attract and this is true in astrology. For example if you are a Leo you would go to the opposite sign which is Aquarius and that would be a compatible sign. There is also credence for same signs connecting as well.

If you want to go deeper into the signs you can obtain a natal chart online usually for free or at little cost, you will need your time and place of birth for this to be most accurate. Once you have a natal chart done, you should look at two things specifically. First the Moon- where was it when you were born? The Moon tells you how you both will interact emotionally. Then finally, look at where Venus was in the natal chart as well. Venus is known as the Goddess of Love and she tells what sign you are romantically drawn to as well. For example if your Venus is in Cancer, you would do well with a Cancer, they are known to be homebodies and that would work, unlike dating a Gemini who are the social butterflies would be like oil and vinegar.

Now that you have more insight-look up your natal chart and explore your possibilities!

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