Spiritual Cleansing

spiritual_cleansingLiving in today’s world means regularly dealing with a fast and hectic pace and lifestyle.  Today’s millennium is filled with technology such as computers, laptops, tablets, and the biggest of all- smartphones. Today’s people are so plugged in that it would be fair to say many suffer from addiction to all things tech. Technology can be great but it also has it downfalls; We are more connected to machines than we are to other people and even less connected to ourselves.  It is no wonder that with a lack of introspection, we are so stressed, sick, and tired!  How many of us think of the good old days and remember things being easier, and reflect on how simple life was before the internet and personal computers? It is time to unplug and reconnect!

When was the last time you went outdoors for a walk, or took the time to watch a sunset?  Connecting with nature is a simple way to start, plant some flowers outside in small garden and feel the soil in your hands- it is a good way to ground yourself.  Listen to the birds, not the traffic.  When I was younger, our family would go camping in the mountains, even if it was for a short weekend.  There was no TV- only family, the campfire, and being with nature. I always reflect on those times with a smile because it meant connecting with those I love, nature, and myself.  We should set aside time regularly for these things, whether it is walking, meditating, or relaxing with loved ones.

When you are disconnected from the rat race of life it helps you and your spirit.  You become more content, happy, and productive. Your health can even begin to benefit from slowing down and being in tune with your surroundings.  Turn off the phone, let it go to voicemail. It can wait! Spend some quiet time with yourself in peace.  Allow yourself to daydream and you will see how this can help you get back to task and be more focused.

When I feel I need to cleanse myself spiritually, I might take a bath with Epsom salt to help cleanse my aura. Soaking in a warm tub for about twenty minutes or so is a great way to clear the energy we carry from work and the stress of others. Epsom baths seems to wash it all away- both literally and figureatively.  We wash the car when it is dirty and it looks better- why not wash our auras too? Another good routine is to research crystals therapy. I like to utilize crystals as part of my routine as I have noticed a pointed difference.  If I am feeling too much negativity or stress I wear a bracelet made of crystals such as rose quartz for a calming effect on my emotions or obsidian for absorbing negativity from the environment and others.

Your spirit needs to be nourished, needs to be renewed, and needs rest in order to be at your best.  You cannot drive a car very far without fuel, why do we drive ourselves into the ground?  Make an agreement with yourself unplug regularly and connect with what matters most …YOU!

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