Keeping Fit by Astrological Sign

women-only-gymSome people love the great outdoors and all its adventures; while others are content being a spectator of sports. Believe it or not; your astrological sign has an influence on how athletic and competitive you are. Below are some of the favored sports and activities for each of the astrological signs.

Aries~The Ram likes to be involved with activities that are fast and exciting and competitive. Skiing; horseback riding; racecar driving; and anything involving the release of adrenaline. Aries love to win!

Taurus~Prefer activities that are more peaceful and relaxing. Things such as gardening; walking; and hiking are very soothing for the Bull while listening to some favorite music on their playlist.

Gemini~Twins are quick, smart and good with dexterity. Card and video games, as well as the game of chess stimulate their minds. While dance, tennis and zip lines get them moving.

Cancer~Water activities are soothing to the Crab; such as going to the lake or beach. They revel in fishing; swimming; diving; canoeing; water polo and surfing.

Leo~Ruled by the Sun, lions like the outdoors; whether it is sunbathing; a leisurely walk, or running a marathon. Other interests can range from wrestling & boxing to yoga or Tai Chi.

Virgo~Is very detailed and enjoys activities that require precision. They excel in activities such as shooting; billiards; darts; gymnastics or ballet. Although, they prefer the indoor activities, as they are less prone to injury by exertion activities.

Libra~Ruled by Venus, Librans love activities that are artistic andadventurous. The artistic activities include ice-skating and dance. The adventurous include tennis and skydiving. Since air is the ruling element for Librans, skydiving is the most adventurous.

Scorpio~Intense; competitive; and resilient! Scorpions require sport activities that require strength and endurance such as karate; kick-boxing; boxing and wrestling.

Sagittarius~~ People under this sign are always on the move and are always looking to try something new. Some activities may include archery; hunting or shooting. Since Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer, they excel very well at archery.

Capricorn~ Like the Goats, Capricorns like their feet to be on the ground and they relish the times when they can savor solitude. Rock climbing; hiking; jogging; and long marathons help keep you grounded; and a good chess game for the mind.

Aquarius~The water bearer is not a water sign but actually an air sign. Likes are many and may include skydiving; hang-gliding; or para-sailing. Fuel the mind with chess; bridge or puzzles.

Pisces~The fish love the water; which includes all water sports from sailing; rafting; canoeing to surfing. Time alone playing solitaire or word games provides them tranquility they seek.

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