The Astrological Man


The zodiac is a very complex tool that helps us to understand character traits, of each of the astrological signs.  Here’s a look at both the positive and negative traits pertaining to each male zodiac sign.

Aries:  Positive – The Aries man is a gifted leader; he’s competitive, self- assured, industrious and, most of all, he likes to win.  Negative – They walk with air of confidence and has dominant sex appeal. These traits often make them appear very arrogant and not very empathetic.

Taurus: Positive – The Taurus male walks with determination and is very persistent. They are very down to earth with a tendency to be quiet and polite. They are also charming and like to dress for success and enjoy the finer things in life. Negative – They are very stubborn, fitting the symbol of the bull perfectly. He will rarely change his point of view.

Gemini: Positive – Gemini males are extremely intelligent, witty, friendly and persuasive.   They can sell anything to anybody, and are always on the move and can charm themselves out of any bad situation.  Negative – They are restless and impatient and will tend to have a lot of nervous energy.

Cancer: Positive – They have an uncanny business sense and photographic memory.  Family is extremely important to them and most share a close bond with their mother.  Negative – The crab gets very crabby when hurt and will keep their emotions and thoughts closely guarded.

Leo: Positive – The male Leo is very trusting, giving and loyal.  They have vibrant personalities, are well-liked, extremely popular and can use their charm to get what they want. Negative – The lion do not like to be told what to do and will get very irritated when someone nags at them.

Virgo:  Positive – Virgo men are practical and detail oriented individuals.  They are devoted to serving those less fortunate and are the epitome of thy brother’s keeper.  They take responsibility very seriously.  Negative – Men born under this sign are very finicky and can’t stand chaos.  They are also very conservative and critical.

Libra: Positive – They are interested in both sides of an issue and will always give balanced advice.  They are very polite and well-mannered and will always create a great first impression.  Negative – Libra men hate to get into arguments and will avoid expressing their views in order to maintain harmony.

Scorpio: Positive – The Scorpion male is intensely loyal and never forgets a kindness or injury. The give very honest advice and will move mountains for others.  Negative –Temperamental at times, they don’t take kindly to the word no, in fact they take it very personally.

Sagittarius: Positive – The male archer has a great memory for details and has a contagious sense of humor and laugh:  they are adventurous and love jobs that involve traveling.  They have trusting natures and love to experience different cultures. Negative – Taking risks often leads them to be careless with their finances.

Capricorn: Positive – Male Capricorns are extremely dignified and polite and will always play by the rules.  They surround themselves with people who are as good natured and generous as they are. Negative – They protect their emotion at all costs which makes it difficult to form a connection with them.

Aquarius: Positive –Aquarius men are friendly to everyone and love to be surrounded by people.  They are strong minded, good at multi-tasking, and have a wide interest in what is happening around them. Negative – They are often unpredictable and do not like to conform.

Pisces: Positive – The Pisces male is very caring and romantic. They are not materialistic and have a tendency to be a dreamer. They are artistic and are extremely dedicated in whatever they are pursuing.   Negative –Their sensitivity can be their strength as well as their Achilles heel and this often leads to depression or melancholy.

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