Room for Love

rosequartzheartWhen buying or moving into a new home we all have dreams of being financially stable and happy in our new abode. Something to strongly consider when building your home or house hunting is the love sector of the home.

Ideally the home should be square in shape and the front door in the center. Now imagine standing at the front door looking into your new residence and visualize a tic tack toe or traditionally called a Bagua across the entire home. The top or back side of the house on the right hand corner is the love sector of the home and perfect placement for the master bedroom. Not to worry if the master suite is not in this sector there are cures or ways to remedy this placement.

For example if the kitchen is in the place this may mean you enjoy or love cooking or if the den is there it can represent where you enjoy entertaining there as well are a few examples. If the house is an “L” shape and this section is missing it could indicate difficulties in finding a lasting relationship as well but all things can be fixed without having to move out in order to find love.

Now let’s fine tune the master bedroom a little bit more while standing facing into your bedroom once again see the tic tack toe (Bagua) and notice what is in the right hand corner of the bedroom on the back wall of your room. This is the love sector of the bedroom. Usually a lot of people have a night stand in this placement and it is can be used to enhance the romance portion of the room.

You should always place items in this area in pairs due to this represents a couple. This can be a statue of a couple embracing or if you’re already in a relationship you can take a photo of the two of you together smiling and put it in a beautiful frame. You can place other items such as two hearts (one heart would only be yours) remember it likes “pairs”. I also suggest two candles and lighting them daily for 15 minutes, due to the love sector is ruled by the fire element.

A few things to avoid in this section are clutter as it can bring complications and issues into the relationship and be mindful in not placing items in threes as this can bring a third person into the relationship which we all know twos company and threes a crowd.

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