Law of Attraction

lawofattraction_canvas12993299134d7233799d58cMost people have heard the saying you are what you eat, well the same holds true to be careful of what you think.

Let me use this example of how our thoughts affect us.  Have you ever felt like you’re going to catch a cold and you say to yourself, “I can’t get sick right now I can’t afford to miss work” …then that cold never really  got you sick.  On the flip side of this you say to yourself ….”I feel horrible I know I am coming down with something I need to go to bed” then before you know it your horribly sick in bed for days. Well this is the power of your thoughts.

What you think is what you attract and manifest.

If we tell ourselves subconsciously all the time we are never going to find a good job or a decent partner then we never will. By making such a statement is making hurdles for you in life.   We are not aware of the numerous negative thoughts we say to ourselves.  Then look around and wonder why our life is so miserable when we don’t stop and think of how we are looking at things.

There is a law of attraction.  If you desire something you need to attract it.  If you’re saying you want a loving relationship but you don’t believe you can find one do you think you will manifest this relationship?  If you’re saying to yourself “There aren’t any good men/women out there in the world anymore”.   Do you think you will find a good partner?

When you have a good positive way of thinking about things in your life no matter the situation whether it be your career, health, money, romance  or happiness you have the power to create and attract these things into your existence. You just have to watch how you say it and also need to totally believe that it is yours. Once you consciously stop saying the mental blocks and negative things to yourself then you begin to create of easier path for yourself in life.

As I simply like to say or point out, your life is an outer reflection of your inner thinking.  If you don’t like your life change your thoughts.

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  1. jerry bizzle says:

    Was reading your post on “Laws of attraction”. Thank you for the reminder. I have been in a slump of late and felt an instant lift from reading your words.

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