Give me your hand and I will expose all of the mysteries of your future!” That sentence is what we all immediately think of when we hear about palm-reading. While many of us think of Palmistry as a novelty or something we do for fun, it turns out that the practice dates back thousands of years and does hold some weight to it. According to Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger of God and responsible for us helping us to understand the maps of our hands.

While many of us think that our fingerprints are the thing that are most unique to us, it should also be known that our palms are just as personalized and informative. Our hands reflect many things- for example, even when visiting the doctor’s office, they usually ask to see your hands.  This can give the doctor immediate signs of illness.  For example, areas of redness may indicate circulatory problems, or yellow may indicate disorders of the liver, and pink hands are a sign of good health.

A good palmist will look at not just your hands when reading them but also take into consideration things such as the shape of your hand, and the length and curvature of your fingers. The most telling information will be in the three major lines of your palm: The life line, head line, and love line.

The line closest to the thumb is the life line. A lengthy life line translates simply to possible longevity and older age.  Having a short life line does not necessarily mean your life will be short; instead, it can indicate life-altering events. A line across your life line is called the Sister Line and can represent guardian angels. A life line that branches out closer to the wrist can mean you will have a life filled with many changes in general.

The middle line in the palm is your head line. A short head line can indicate the person is not an academic while a long head line across the entire middle of the hand is someone who will be a lifelong learner. In rare cases the head line and the love line merge forming a single line.  This is called the Simian Crease which alludes to the following personality traits- high intelligence, short temper, stubbornness.  A headline that forks off at the end represents someone who is generally impartial. If the end of the headline branches out with three lines then it represents high creativity.

The third major line is the love line found right under your fingers. The depth of the love line indicates how deeply you love and how you are romantically.  If your love line is shorter than your head line, you tend to be more practical. If your love line is longer, than you tend to fall head-over-heels quickly in relationships. If your love line curves from the index and middle finger this is indicative you have a love for the finer things in life. Another way to gain romantic insight is found when making a fist.  When doing so, lines will appear on the side of the hand below the pinky finger. The number of lines could indicate the number of serious relationships in your life.

Both hands should be considered when having your palms read to see if they match or have variations in them.  Your palms also change with the times and experiences we have in life.

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