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Remember the old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words?”. This is especially true when it comes to using photographs and artwork in your home. A single piece can make you and your visitors feel a thousand ways. Considering the meaning and symbolism of the images as well recognizing the significance of locations in your home is key when it comes to getting it right. Here are some tips to consider when placing your pictures and artwork.

First up: the bedroom. One major Feng Shui faux-pa is to place photos of your loved ones in the bedroom. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary- a place to renew your spirit, rest our bodies- and if we have a partner, to be intimate with them. Having pictures of say, your grandparents, in your room while being intimate with your partner can be intrusive. Family photos should be placed in the living or family room. Decorating community areas with family photos brings a sense of warmth and is inviting.

The one and only exception to the bedroom rule is to have photos of loved ones in the rooms of children. Family pictures in a young child’s room are considered beneficial as they provide a sense of support. For example, if one of the parents is away because of work, having their photo there will give the child comfort and make their presence be felt even if they aren’t physically there.

Many of us also take family portraits and place them on the mantle. Be cautious with this as fire places are a fire element- if lit too long and too often, it can begin to deplete health. Some examples of fire element related issues can be inflammation and migraines. Photos surrounding fire elements can also prompt aggression. A less common place for photos is in the bathroom. This is to be avoided as the water energy in the area can be draining and cause digestive issues.

If you do not enjoy placing photos in your home it is still important to consider the significance of your artwork. It is important that you do not place dark or moody images as it subliminally is draining your energy. Items should be uplifting and invoke positive feelings. Balancing masculinity and femininity is also key; doing so ensures a comfortable environment for men and women.

Finally, artwork, photos, and their placement can directly impact your dreams and desires in life. The most common thing I find in Feng Shui consultations is people seeking a partner. What I often find when assessing the home is photos of the person by themselves or artwork of solitary items.  My first piece of advice is always the same: decorate in twos! This is easily done and a simple and effective fix. If you love photos, try putting up a photo of a successful couple you’ve admired, this will invite the energy of what you are desiring in your life. Again, should you not want to use photos, consider a painting of two flowers or two trees as they both represent partnerships.

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