Man by Astrological Signs

astroman Aries (21 March~20 April) Enthusiastic, individualistic, outspoken, alert, ambitious, candid, and adventurous. Love action and spontaneity.  Dislike waiting around.  Timothy Dalton and Harry Houdini are Aries men.

Taurus (21April~21May) Patient, loving, reliable, warm hearted, persistent, gentle, and loyal. Loves security, and routine.  Dislike risks, cheating, and waste.  Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino are famous Taurus men.

Gemini (22 May~22June) Adaptable, intellectual, witty, logical, spontaneous, lively, and inquisitive. Loves flexible thinking and fun.  Dislikes possessiveness and jealousy.  Johnny Depp and Clint Eastwood are both Gemini’s.

Cancer (23 June~22 July) Sensitive, caring, nurturing, protective, home loving, and supportive. .  Loves security, routine and family.  Dislikes being away from home.  John Cusack and Tom Cruise are Cancers.

Leo (23 July~23 August) Generous, warm hearted, faithful, loving, ambitious, dominant, and gracious.  Leos love luxury, pleasure and the spotlight. Dislikes are laziness, and criticism. Woody Harrelson and Arnold Schwarzenegger are Leo’s.

Virgo (24 August~22 September) Detailed, precise, tidy, observant, shrewd, loving, nurturing, and devoted.   Loves equality, perfection and being active.  Dislikes tardiness, vulgarity and hypocrisy.  Sean Connery and Richard Gere are Virgo men.

Libra (23 September~23 October) Objective, intellectual, independent, respectful, tasteful, and charming.  Love beauty, and elegance. Dislike conflict, distasteful things and bad behavior.  Michael Douglas and Charlton Heston are Libras.

Scorpio (24 October~22 November) Strong willed, intense, deeply emotional, complex, lusty, and perceptive. Love mystery, secrets and privacy. Dislikes surprises, deceit and being questioned. Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Gates are Scorpions.

Sagittarius (23 November~21 December) Impulsive, independent, talkative, outgoing, optimistic, and charming. Love freedom and taking a risk.  Dislike jealously, possessiveness and control.  Kirk Douglas and Walt Disney are Sagittarian’s.

Capricorn (22 December~20 January) Attentive, ambitious, focused, honest, logical, patient, and dependable.  Love financial stability and security.  Dislikes flightiness, bossiness and playing games.  Kevin Costner and J Edgar Hoover are Capricorn’s.

Aquarius (21 January~18 February) Spontaneous, open minded, caring, tolerant and understanding.  Love independence and good conversation. Dislike predictability, bores and tackiness.  Paul Newman and John Belushi and both Aquarians.

Pisces (19 February~20 March) Enchanting, mystical, creative, easy going, instinctive, and unselfish.  Love feeling appreciated and needed.  Dislike noisy scenes, and having no sense of structure.  Bruce Willis and Kurt Russell are Pisces.

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