Astrological Springtime Garden


We all know that April showers bring May flowers…well it is that time of year and time to plant and renew our gardens. Why not try to make it more personalized by adding some specific flowers for your sign and feel the benefits of being more connected to Mother Nature.

Aries ~ Colors are orange and red. Honeysuckle, pansies, and impatiens.  Also, orange tiger lily with spots or a large cluster of big orange geraniums.

Taurus~ Colors are pink, yellow, and red blossoms.  Roses, daisies, columbines, violets, and poppies are favorites.

Gemini~ Good colors are crimson, sky blue, and pink.  Light airy plants such as lily of the valley, lavender, orchids, lilac,  and chrysanthemum. The peony only blossoms for one week of June during the astral rule of Gemini.

Cancer ~ Colors should be emerald green or sea blue. Being a water sign likes all water blossoms such as lotus, water lilies, and cat tails.  Camellias and peonies also suit this sign.

Leo ~ Best colors for Leo are yellow and gold.  A big bouquet of giant sunflowers or daisies rules this sign. This sign also loves yellow flowers such as marigolds, heliotrope, and dahlias.

Virgo ~ White or violet is colors for this sign. This sign likes tiny blossoms, especially tiny asylum, asters, and pansies.  Virgos also like aromatic flowers such as narcissus and chrysanthemums.

Libra~ Pink, white, and dark green suit this sign the best.  A particular favorite is pink roses and the larger the bud the better. Librans also love hydrangea and all blue flowers include lavender and asters.

Scorpio ~Red, silver, or crimson colors suit this passionate sign the best.  Bird of Paradise or a black orchid would be a suitable for a Scorpio. They also like the scarlet monkey flower, geraniums, and rhododendrons.

Sagittarius~ This light hearted sign likes light green, pink, and yellow blossoms. Enjoys tiny roses, carnations, peonies, and pinks. Dandelions and trails of clematis are also favorite flowers.

Capricorn~ Good colors are white, gold, or light blue.  Loves cute interesting blossoms like bleeding hearts, trilliums, camellia, and magnolias.  Also, pink pansies and miniature calla lilies.

Aquarius ~ Aquarians also like black, purple, and yellow blossoms.   Enjoys rare blossoms like bird of paradise, gladiolus, trilliums, and orchid. The larger the blossom the better.

Pisces~ Dark green, blue, and gold are great color choices.  This is a water sign that enjoys water lilies, wisteria, willows, and any plant that thrives near water. They also love the delicate tissue paper texture of poppies. 

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