The Signs in Love

zodiaclove Do you ever wonder what makes your love interest tick?  Below are a few traits of each zodiac sign to help you gain a better understanding of their romantic DNA.

Aries the Ram does not take “No” for an answer. When they are in love the go for it full speed ahead.  They love passion and excitement.  If the fires don’t burn they will not stick around.

Taurus the Bull loves security and stability. Romance and love are one and the same and they are very sensual.  They will always be there for you and expect the same in return.

Gemini the sign of the Twins can be charming, witty, and genuinely interested, but keeping that interest is difficult. They will keep you on your toes and guessing. You won’t be bored.

Cancer the Crab finds it hard to express their feelings out of fear of being hurt. They have very soft sides and can hang on tightly. They are very cautious in giving their hearts away.

Leo the Lion is very generous and giving when in love.  They love being in love and are very loyal in relationships which can make it very difficult ending a relationship with them.

Virgo the Virgin seeks the perfect mate and enjoys the pleasures of intimacy.  They love to take care and provide for their loved one no matter what it takes, they will go out of their way.

Libra the Scales love to be loved and admired and are very giving in return.  They are very romantic and flirtatious as well.  Love an atmosphere of beauty to match their feelings.

Scorpio the Scorpion seldom reveals their own hearts, but when they do they have a passion like no other sign.  Very romantic, charismatic, magnetic, and the most sexual of the signs.

Sagittarius the Archer love excitement, passion, and romance as long as it is all fun. Commitment?  Not so fast~ that is a sure way to chase them away. They are all about fun!

Capricorn the Goat may seem reserved initially but once you get past that you will see they have a deep love and strong loyalty.  They ride out the rough times and are very protective.

Aquarius the Water Bearer is independent and needs a partner that understands this.  With the right partner they are constant and true.  At times they can seem aloof, even in love.

Pisces the Fishes are very sensitive and look at the inner soul of their partners.  Truly searching for their soul mates~ looking for the most profound love possible.



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