Kid Friendly Feng Shui Rooms

kidsroomWhen thinking of designing for a child’s bedroom it can present some challenges do to it often has opposing functions.  Primarily the child’s room is meant for slept but often used as a place of play and study causing it to have multi purposes.   A bedroom facing east where the sun rises is ideal for children, while a west facing bedroom with the sun setting can attribute to hyperactive children who cannot settle.

The heads of the bed should be supported by a solid wall and headboard, giving the child a sense of support in their life as well as them being able to see the door which gives them a sense of feeling safe.  If the room has dark corners or odd shapes that can cast shadows at night this can be disturbing for younger children with over active or vivid imaginations.

Beds that are made of wood are best do to they do not pick up electromagnetic radiation and are made from the earth giving them a sense of grounding.  Bunkbeds are not suitable since they can depress the chi of the child that sleeps on the bottom.  The child on the top bunk may feel above or entitled whereas the child on the bottom feeling suppressed or stifled.

Children instinctively know the type of energy they require for support and should be allowed to help in the process of decorating their room such as their favorite colors.  In choosing colors softer cooler tones help to balance an active child, while brighter ones help an introverted child.

If the flooring is hard or bare, a soft rug by the bed is very pleasant when awakening in the morning and a good way to start the day.  Furniture that is also curved is ideal to help prevent minor accidents but also is a softer chi energy.

Many children today have their own televisions in their rooms which tends to isolate them from family time or socializing with others.  All electronics should be removed from the bedroom if possible as this energy stimulates and may disturb restful sleep.

For smaller children with toys be sure to allocate a space for storage such as a toy box or container to store them at the end of the day as toys can distract the child and cause for sleepless nights.  Toys that are broken, or damaged should also be removed as to prevent clutter.

Children that are older and in school often study in their bedrooms and it is important for them to have a desk to sit at with proper lighting like a desk lamp to help them absorb and focus on their homework.  Whereas, if they are sitting on the bed doing homework while watching television or listening to music will not allow them full concentration on what they are doing or allow them to absorb the information properly.

A final note on a child’s room is clutter.  Where there is clutter there is chaos!  This can lead to lack of concentration, and problems with piers.  Teaching them to keep their room clean and organized allows for their lives to run smoothly and harmoniously.  This would be including the closets and drawers and also provide them with good skills when they move out on their own.

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