Good Luck Charms

“Step on a crack and you’ll break your mom’s back!” We’ve all heard the old wives’ tales and superstitions. Today, most of us are not superstitious however many people do believe in having a good luck charm- a tangible physical possession that has been there during good times or a talisman to ward off evil. Below are some good luck charms to consider if you are wanting to attract positive energy. Keep in mind, your good luck charm can be worn as jewelry, kept on keychain, or hidden in your car- how and where you choose to keep your good luck charm is up to you!

Beads are a versatile choice for a good luck charm. The most common “good luck” bead is the glass eye- it “sees all” and averts danger.

Cats were believed to be sacred animals to the Egyptians and represented the Moon.  Believe it or not, even if you are superstitious about black cats, you shouldn’t be- they’re actually good luck.

Crosses originated in Egypt and symbolize life and immortality. Crosses of course, have religious ties and are great good luck charms for those strongly connected to their faith.

Dragons are helpful in conquering enemies and used to enhance peace.

Fish symbols attract abundance, wealth, fertility, and represent long life.

Four leaf clovers are one of the better-known good luck charms as they are believed to bring you good luck for money and abundance.

Frogs are used for wealth, health, long life and prosperity.  If worn by lovers, it is believed to ensure a long lasting loving relationship with mutual respect.

Hand of Fatima is very popular in the Middle East and usually displayed on walls or door of the house to protect the occupants.

Hearts are worn for love and joy and if used with Rose Quartz it helps to heal past heartbreak and attract a healthy, loving relationship.

Horseshoes are another well-known good luck charm. Placing the horseshoe above the front door with it pointing upward is the proper way to display a horseshoe and bring wealth and happiness into your home.

Keys enhance foresight and improve judgement. In Japan, it is used as a keychain to attract prosperity, joy and love.

Lotus are a highly beloved flower in India as they believe it protects against illness and accidents. In another viewpoint, the Egyptians saw the lotus as clarity of thought and wisdom.

Peacock feathers are said to bring good luck and the circle in the feather is supposed to represent the evil eye.  The bird itself represents everlasting life.

Rabbit’s foot is your old-school keychain favorite. The rabbit foot is thought to bring good luck quickly and boost good fortune when gambling.

St. Benedict wards off evil spirits with the commanding message: “Get the behind me, Satan”

St. Christopher is known as the patron saint of travel. A photo of St. Christopher is great to influence safe travel and is ideal hidden in the glovebox.

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