12 Laws of Karma

Sir Isaac Newton said that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. While he spoke solely in the terms of Physics, the same could be said of the behaviors we exhibit as humans. Put out positive energy and wish others well and you will be rewarded. Do the opposite and the universe will be your banker, write you a huge reality check, and cash it in before you’ve even realized the error or your ways. Why, you ask? Well because of Karma. Karma is a Sanskrit term defined as action, effect and fate. Simply put, Karma is a major player in the positive things that happen in life as well as your judge, jury, and executioner for past transgressions.

There are 12 Laws of Karma:

  1. The Great Law: Whatever you put out to the universe will come back to you. Newtons Law “You reap what you sow”
  2. The Law of Creation: You must participate in this life and be one with the universe. Your life is exactly what it is because of your thoughts.
  3. Law of Humility: What you refuse to accept or acknowledge will continue to exist. If you are angry and unable to forgive it will continue until you learn to let go. As Buddha said “It is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die:
  4. The Law of Growth: Everything that happens to us is to teach us to understand- whether it be good or bad. We must accept that we can only change ourselves and not others.
  5. Law of Responsibility: Taking the responsibility for what is in your life and that you have created this for yourself.
  6. Law of Connection: Every choice and decision we make in life is connected. Final outcomes are a result of individual decisions. Past, present and future are all connected.
  7. The Law of Focus: You cannot think of two things at once for it will not give your complete focus. If you are focusing on hate it will not allow love.
  8. The Law of Giving: What you believe you will be asked to share with others.   Giving without expecting in return is a gift in its own.
  9. The Law of Here and Now: Not living in the past but being in the present. Nothing you do today can change yesterday but can influence the present.
  10. Law of Change: Life will repeat itself until we learn the lesson- we must learn to grow and change.
  11. Law of Patience and Reward: Good things come to those who wait and all rewards will blossom out of the most trying of times. You learn the most from life’s biggest struggles this is the true reward.
  12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration: You get back whatever you put in, you get what you give.

Always remember Karma is the ultimate boomerang- it will always come back to you. That said, become an optimist, celebrate the success of yourself and others, and stop dwelling on what cannot be changed. From me to you- I wish you all the best!

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