Finding your Birth Path

Many believe that we all have a both of purpose in life and a lesson to learn. One source we can use to tap into these areas is Numerology and knowing your birth path. This number is derived from the sum of the digits which make up your birth date. Here is an example below in unlocking your personal birth path number:

Birthdate:  August 3, 1960 (you must use four digits when calculating the year of birth) reduce all numbers to a single digit as follows

8 + 3 + 1 + 9 +6 + 0 = 27      2 + 7= 9   9 is the birth path.

ONE: Signifies independence and leadership. Those on a One birth path are ahead of their time and value innovation. They see a new way to do things and are courageous enough to go for it. Life lesson is to stand independently and believe in yourself.

TWO:  Patient, kind, considerate, and thoughtful.  Sensitive and in the background.   The peacemaker and negotiator helping others to come together in peace and harmony. Life lesson is to support others in carrying out their plans.

THREE: Birth path of Three represents joy and creativity. Those with this path are often lucky, easy going and have a great sense of humor. Loves to nurture and care for others especially those they love most. Lesson in life is to learn to not take everything so seriously.

FOUR:  They are the builders- your rock and stability.  Meticulous, organized, and get things done. Usually the pillars and foundation that supports a community. Great discipline and stamina. Life lesson is to learn the importance of routines in life.

FIVE:  Curious and wants to experience everything in life.  Quick to learn, changeable, eclectic, and a great talker.  Does not want to be fenced in but allowed to be free without limitations. Life lesson is to learn life is a series of choices and even wrong choices are valuable.

SIX: Love, affection, beauty and service. Love of people, partners, families, and neighbors.  Value yourself and allow others to help you.  Life lesson take the word “should” out of your vocabulary stop questioning and take a leap of faith.

SEVEN:  Is a magical and mystical number. Wisdom, faith and great mystery. Analyzes everything to gain a full and comprehensive understanding.  Introspective, intense and great at keeping secrets. Life lesson is having faith and trust in yourself.

EIGHT:  Symbolizes success, money, power, and achievement. As you turn an eight sideways, it represents the infinite symbol signifying a world full of possibilities. Those on an Eight path tend to be workaholics.  Life lesson is to learn about balance.

NINE:  Values forgiveness and unconditional love.  Those on a Nine path are understanding and tolerant of others. Spiritual, philosophical, inspiring and encouraging. Life lesson is to forgive, forget and let go.

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