Feng Shui Decluttering

There is an arch-nemesis of Feng Shui- it is messy, unorganized, and chaotic. Its name- CLUTTER and it must be destroyed! Clutter sneaks up on us, piling up over time causing stagnant energy and eventually impacting our day to day lives.  Depending on where clutter is located in your home, it can negatively impact certain areas in your life. Luckily, reducing clutter has the opposite effect and is conducive to harmony and peace.

Three basic principles to helping you get started with decluttering are as follows:  love it then keep it, donate it if you haven’t used it in a year, and trash it if it is broken. Here are some tips in helping you achieve more peace and harmony in your home.

First, do not get overwhelmed if there is too much clutter.  As the old question goes: “how do you eat an elephant?” – One bite at a time! Start with a single room- usually the master bedroom as this is a place that should be your sanctuary and promotes rest and relaxation. Start with the closet and clear out anything unworn in the past year. Storage underneath the bed is bad Feng Shui as it blocks a good night’s sleep.  The shoes under your bed can be the cause of your racing thought at night.

Those of us who work from home can also be impacted by clutter. A cluttered desk or workspace can block our thinking and reduce our productivity. Keep these areas clear to stay on track with your current projects.

This also holds true for our finances, if you have bills piled up that you have been putting off this can affect your money and cause more debt.  Organize your bills by putting them into either folders or a tray system where they are paid by date.  This keeps money flowing and saves you from those pesky late fees!

Decluttering also should happen in conspicuous areas. Recover your refrigerator and purge old and expired foods. Fill it often with fresh and vibrant fruits and vegetables. This not only helps keep the area clean, but carries obvious health benefits.

Children’s rooms that have a lot of clutter can affect them in school and learning, giving them difficulties in focusing.  Removing broken toys, setting up storage and clearing trash will help them to think more clearly and improve concentration.

Another area to consider is the garage. Most of us are guilty of having a messy garage. If you keep your car in the garage, having the area cluttered can cause issues with travel. Everything should have its own space and section.

Finally, decluttering does not have to be a chore- make it uplifting by playing music, burn a scented candle or incense. Add fresh flowers and consider decorating with light colors and fabrics for an uplifting environment. It’s like I tell my clients: “Clear the clutter, change your life!”

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