Feng Shui Spring Cleaning

imagesCAJ0LFV5Have you ever noticed how amazing and wonderful it feels when you spring clean a room? Ever ask yourself why? Spring is in the air and it is time to get into action and begin the process of spring cleaning. In Feng Shui clutter is the enemy.

Feng Shui is about the flow of energy inside your home. If your home has clutter this creates stagnation in your life and can affect many areas for instance, your health, love life and finances to name a few. Picture a river and it flowing smoothly but there is a large rock which does not allow the river to flow freely. This is an example of how clutter can create blockages in your life.

When clearing the clutter here are a few Feng Shui principals. Donate anything you don’t need or use regularly to charity, or give it to someone who can use it. If it is broken get rid of it. Objects that bring a great deal of joy into your life are the one exception to this rule. Items that you use every day should always be stored neatly in their designated area. Pay special attention to your home’s entryway, since it’s important to create a good flow of incoming positive energy.

Begin wherever you feel like it –this could be a closet or maybe you bathroom vanity and begin with one room at a time. Also support your energy with good Feng Shui energy props like fresh flowers, a favorite scent, candle or lively music all of these help to invite good chi/energy into your home. Open windows and doors to your home to allow the fresh air in and new vital chi.

You should also place healthy living plants in your home for growth and vitality. Also keep your windows clean as they represent opportunities. So when spring cleaning this year don’t think of it as such a huge chore, remind yourself that your clearing your life of old, negative energy and inviting the new positive energy into your home and life. When you sit back at the end and admire your accomplishment remember your also feng shuing your home!

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