Gift giving by Astrological signs

Knowing their astrological sign can be helpful in making the right choice when trying to pick out the perfect gift.  Whether it be for the holidays, special date, or birthday celebration here are a few insider tips to making that gift perfect for their sign.

Aries March 21st-–April 20th    Active people who enjoy sports and technology.  Likes are fine wines, personalized gifts, books, board games, puzzles, sporting equipment, and sparkling gems.

Taurus April 21st-May 21st    Enjoy gifts showing they are loved.   Likes are soft sensual textures, plush scarves, heart shapes, jewelry, scented candles and precious stones,  champagne and fine chocolates.

Gemini May 22nd-June 21st   They are practical and like gifts with everyday uses.  Calendars, cell phones, pens, gadgets, webcams, headphones, CD player, computer programs, DVD player and book readers.

Cancer June 22nd-July 22nd   Is very sentimental and love home.  Family keepsakes, gourmet foods, favorite movie,  bracelets or charms, religious icon, meditative music CD, a warm sweater or blanket.

Leo July 23rd-August 23rd   Appreciate thoughtfulness in their gift.  Enjoy personalized gifts, handmade gifts, and creative gifts, something you made just for them. Fashionable clothing and pets.

Virgo Aug 24th-Sept 22nd   Specific in their tastes.  Likes are well tailored clothing, ties, colognes, and perfumes.  Learning, and self improvement books.   Daily calendar or agenda book.

Libra Step 23rd to Oct 22nd    Prefer elegance and class.  Likes things of art and beauty, books, music, champagne, expensive perfume, clothing, massage oils, and satin lingerie.

Scorpio Oct 23th-Nov 22nd  Private and personal interests them.  Likes are unique perfumes, rare music and sexy lingerie. Gift cards for movies or restaurants.

Sagittarius Nov 23rd-Dec 21st  Appreciate  light hearted and humorous gifts.  Movie tickets to comedy or gift cards. Surprise gifts, funny cups, T Shirts with a cute message.

Capricorn Dec 22nd-Jan 20th  Appreciate high quality gifts.  Likes are gold watch, designer clothing, designer shoes, leather handbags and electronics.

Aquarius Jan 21st -Feb 18th Free spirited not very picky. Likes are music CD, movies tickets, arts and theater. Dance lessons or gym membership.  Personalized journal for their thoughts.

Pisces  Feb 19th –March 20th   Are sensitive.  Enjoy movies, music , poetry, candles and incense. Aromatherapy kits and psychology books. Teddy bears and chocolates too!

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