Decoding your dreams……

Ever wonder why you had a particular dream and what it was really trying to tell you? We all have dreams some of us are blessed to recall them easily, while others don’t remember even having them. Dreams are a subconscious way of communicating to us, and the symbols within them are uniquely significant. Below are the most commonly experienced symbols and what each of them can represent:

*Water represents feelings and emotions, positive or negative. Is the water in your dream in the form of a raging ocean with choppy waters? If so, this is an indication of emotional turmoil. Are the waters calm? Good news, this usually is a sign of being in a peaceful state.

* Death is another very common dream which can indicate a fear of being hurt or a change coming in your life. This is a largely misunderstood dream because many fear it represents a literal physical death.

*Falling in a dream can indicate not feeling supported in your life and can happen often when you are overwhelmed. Myths have risen that if you hit the ground in your dream you will die, well we all die at some point but having this dream I assure you won’t mean that you are close to your own demise.

*Flying can symbolize rising above situations or circumstances in your life.

*Transportation such as planes, boats, or buses can be indicative of missing out on something important in your life and often occur when facing deadlines.

*Nudity-we’ve all had or heard of this horrific dream- you’re in front of a crowd and suddenly realize you are completely nude! This dream is to be interpreted literally as it conveys a feeling of over-exposure or vulnerability.

These are just a few of thousands of dreams people have. There are very good dream dictionaries online to help you decipher what your dreams are truly trying to tell you about your current life. If you do not recall your dreams and would like to be better at it keep a notepad and pencil on your nightstand, this way upon wakening jot down what you do recall. Only you can be the one to decide what the dream truly defines so be sure to pay attention to what you think it means and remember keep the symbolism simple in helping to unlock the meanings.

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2 Responses to Decoding your dreams……

  1. Grace Escarsega says:

    What is a good dream dictionary to upload?

    • Grace says:

      There are several good ones online. One I like is called Dream Dictionary and it is alphabetically listed and very user friendly.

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