Feng Shui for Moving

movingBefore you move into your new home it is important to clear out the energy or Chi of the home from the previous occupants.  If it is a new home you may still choose to do this this to clear out the energy of the workers and energy they may have left in your new space before you move in.

It is important when moving from one home to another to pack and bring only with you what is really needed. If you have clutter do not pack this and bring into your new space as this will only create clutter in your new home.  If you have old broken items either discard them or better yet donate them. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say.

I advise people when moving into a new space it is important to not bring your old mop and broom with you into your new home. The moment you do you also bring any problems or issues you may have had at your old residence into your new space.  Leave them in the old residence in the garage or washroom. If you do not feel like leaving them, then discard them in the trash.

If possible when moving into a new home also purchase new fresh towels and linens for the new home as well as another way to bring a fresh start.

Give the new home a good cleaning from top to bottom while it is still empty.  It is easier to get the energy completely cleared prior to move in day.  Steam the carpets, clean the windows inside and out, paint if needed, or wash the walls if you are up to it, and clean out cabinets and closets. Try to get out as much dirt as possible and best to do this on a bright sunny day as well as this helps to refresh the atmosphere.  Be sure to keep the windows open to bring in added new energy.

Another way to do some energy clearing is to ring a bell in each room. This helps to clear stagnant Chi and encourage fresh Chi energy into the space. If you do not want to ring a bell you can also clap your hands as well.  Listening to uplifting, happy, upbeat music also works.

Sea salt is also very powerful when cleansing a new space.  It is helpful in removing negativity from the premises.  You can sprinkle it onto the floor whether it is carpet or tile and leave it overnight.  In the morning you can clean it by vacuuming or mopping up the sea salt. When mopping the floors, I personally like to use lavender scented cleaners as this helps to make the home calm and peaceful.

By clearing out the old Chi of the home it helps to make the space yours, where you will feel right at home.

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