Feng Shui 101

fengshuiWhat is Feng Shui exactly?  Simply it means wind and water.  It observes the relationship between the seen and unseen energy.  The energy between you and your home and creating a space that is in harmony with nature.  If your residence has the harmony and balance inside it then your life will be one of happiness and peace.  But if your home is not properly in balance then you may suffer financially, romantically or even health wise from this.  Not to worry there are remedies for these issues.

Personally, I have benefited from the proper placement of Feng Shui in my own home. It has helped me to create a more loving relationship and financial stability in my life. As a metaphysical practitioner for nearly 30 years I have seen many clients come to me with financial or relationship issues and it always perplexed me what could they do to help themselves.  After years of observation I have learned that Feng Shui is a perfect tool to helping someone help themselves.  Otherwise it is like going up the river without any oars.

Have you ever purchased a piece of artwork and went to hang it on a specific wall but it did not feel right there.  So you moved it to a different wall and it was perfect it felt it belonged there.  Well this is one example of how Feng Shui works. There are many layers to the principals of Feng Shui and I will in future issues of The City Spaces Magazine help to teach you and guide you in learning this ancient art of creating a harmonious space.

Your home is a sanctuary from the world and you need make sure you take care of this space. If you learn how to properly place things inside your home your life will be more peaceful.  For example if you have a lot of clutter and junk laying around your home this will attribute to clutter and chaos in your life.  The first and most important principal of Feng Shui is clear the clutter. For example, if you have clutter in the financial sector of your home then it may create a mess financially for you perhaps you are not paying close attention to your bills, paying them late and being charged late charges as well.  Or if there is clutter in your health sector of your home, this could contribute to various health issues aches and pains here and there and you just feel drained all the time.  Also, holding on to things from our past will prevent us from moving forward.

My first advice to you is if you want to live a happier life in harmony with nature and you have clutter then you MUST clear it in order to move forward in your life and begin to change the energy and create a happier home.

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