Triple Number Meanings

lucky7Have you ever looked over at the clock and seen the number 11:11 at that exact moment and wondered what it meant?  You might see the same number on a license plate, or a grocery receipt or phone number. Some people believe it to be very lucky and to make a wish.  It can also be indicative of being in tune with the universe.  What is the meaning behind this repetitive number? What is it trying to tell you or say to you?  Below is the meaning of each of the multiples of numbers and what a higher power may be trying to tell you or show you.

111~ Indicates new beginnings, a fresh start, keep your mind set focused.   It deals with what is about to take shape.  Creation, ideas, invention, leadership, and originality.  Success and winning. Self

222~Indicates trust that things are as they should be and things will work out.  Assimilate and envision, and imagination.  Not to use force but to practice patience.  Partnerships. Hidden things, beneath the surface to look deeper.

333~Indicates you are protected and surround by guardian angels, guides, or ancestors. It is the power of your words. Enjoying, sharing, feeling, having fun, love, popularity and friendship. Very fertile and maternal. Mother

444~Indicates there is nothing to fear.  Well-built foundation, formation, concentration, working, security, building and planning.  You are loved and surrounded by heavenly beings. Father

555~Indicates changes are everywhere, expansion and re-creation.  New thinking, new opportunity, magnetism, good fortune, travel and adventure.  Avoid stress go with the flow.

666~Indicates harmony, balance, compassion, service, responsibility, domesticity, love, care, comforting and concern.  The ability to transcend difficulties.  Referred by some as the number of the devil.  Lovers and relationships.

777~Indicates spirituality and being on an illuminated path. Faith, observation, investigation, meditation, knowledge, wisdom and perfection. Intuition.  It is also referred to as God’s number. Lucky

888~Indicates power, capability, fortitude, success, recognition, accomplishment, and attainment. Very auspicious money is flowing in your direction. Balance and harmony.  Infinite

999~Indicates completion, fulfillment, selflessness, giver of wisdom and inspiration.  The hermit, reflection, and introspection.  Closing one chapter of your life in order to begin a new one. Ending

000~Indicates that everything is complete and whole and as it should be.  What goes around comes around, full circle.  No beginning no ending, eternal flow.

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