Every Astrological sign has two sides!

We have astrologywheelall heard the term “There are two sides to every story”.  Or perhaps you find someone to be particularly moody or even two- faced.  Like with everything in life, there is the good and the bad:  Love and hate, peace and war.  The same applies to all of the astrological signs- you have the positive and negative side of each.  Below are a few of the good and bad characteristics of each sign.

Aries~ The Rams is a natural leader and are the go getters who like to motivate others.  They are direct, straightforward and assertive. On the down side, they are argumentative and also impatient.

Taurus~ The Bull is disciplined, orderly and reliable.  Everyone turns to them in a time of need. They can create the calm in the storm.  On the other hand they are resistant to change, stubborn, and headstrong.

Gemini~ The Twins at their best are clever, inventive, adaptable, great communicators and enjoy new things. The other side of the twins can be scatterbrained, flighty, restless, and unreliable.

Cancer~ The Crab has a strong love for family, home, nostalgia, dependable and a great memory.  Moody, clingy, overly sensitive and smothering is the crab on a bad day.

Leo~ The Lion is a born leader-proud, courageous, loyal, ambitious and generous.  They have short memories but are quick to forgive.  Overbearing and self-centered is the lion when being ignored.

Virgo~ The Virgins are practical, resourceful, committed, hardworking and organized.  They are great problem solvers, but on the bad side they worry too much and can over obsess about anything.

Libra~ The Scales are very social, friendly, popular, sharing, and quick to form partnerships.  When off balance they can become insecure or indecisive.

Scorpio~ The Scorpion has a very magnetic personality, is a leader, compassionate, brave, and dedicated.  At their worst they can be manipulative, vengeful and cruel, careful their stinger will get you.

Sagittarius~ The Archer is independent, enjoys freedom, optimistic, travelers, seeker, and energetic people.   But the lack of commitment and even tardiness is their downfall.

Capricorn~ The Goat is ambitious, organized, responsible and efficient.  Very giving and repay favors generously.  The Goat might step on anything or anyone that gets in their way.

Aquarius~ The Water Bearer is inventive, original, intellectual and independent. On the other hand they can go against the grain making them radicals and renegades and sometimes aloof.

Pisces~ The Fish are compassionate, have a sympathetic ear, intuitive, creative, adaptable and extraordinarily sensitive.  Fishes can be both lazy and overly talkative on a bad day.

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