Sweet Dreams


The bedroom is a key and vital area of our home a place to renew and regenerate our energy. With today’s lifestyle being so hectic it is important to our health to get a good night’s rest. It is recommended we get anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of rest nightly, but how many of us truly understand the energy of our beds?

I recently purchased a new bed for myself, and I am sure I puzzled the salesman when I refused to buy a king size bed with a split mattress. Having a split mattress or box spring in Feng Shui can actually split up or create a division in your relationship. If you must purchase a split bed, “cure” it by placing a red cloth along the length of the bed between the mattress and box spring. New beds contain fresh unblemished energy that helps to support health and vitality. To further help the vitality of a new bed it is also recommended to get new pillows, sheets and comforters as well. Placing your old linens on a new bed is just transferring the old energy over.

Used beds on the other hand, have subtle energies from the previous owners, such as emotions, events, sexual energy and sickness; In the world of Feng Shui it is a huge no no to have a used bed for this exact reason. The worst bed to inherit is that of someone who has been recently divorced, ill, or passed over. Other things you can do if buying a new bed is not possible would be either flipping the mattress, having it professionally steam cleaned, and buying new linens to help clear the energy.

A few other things to consider about your bed is the placement. It is important that your feet do not face the door directly. This is believed to be the “coffin” position. Historically when someone was about to die, they would turn the bed to face the door and put a coffin under the bed so that when the person passed they could easily be removed from the room. It is believed this placement robs the body of vital chi energy. Also, do not place items under your bed such as tax records, paperwork or shoes. Having items stored under the bed does not allow for a restful night’s sleep. Avoid placing your bed under a window as well, it is best to place the bed on a solid wall to support your rest.

The headboard is important as well. Solid wooden headboards without holes and gaps are ideal in helping give stability to our health, career, and relationships. The worst headboard is metal with bars for example. The metal is believed to steal vital chi and the bars symbolize prison bars and can encourage legal woes.

One last thing to consider is also the color of your bed for vitality. Your linens and blankets can create a specific result based on your intention. For example pink or pastel sheets can attract love and romance, while red linens would add spark and passion to a dull sex life. If you are looking health, money or new growth then green sheets would be ideal. Yellow is good for healing, white for peace, and avoid dark or black linens all together. Sleep well and be well!

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